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Recent Updates Fordham offices remain staffed and operating remotely. The University has released its plan, Fordham Forward, to resume in-person teaching and learning for the Fall semester. Full Details

International Students

A Perfect Fit

International students and New York City are a perfect fit. New York has communities of people from throughout the world; and you’ll feel at home, no matter how far you’ve traveled to get here. You are welcome here!

New For Fall 2020!

Extensive test cancellations and reductions in administrations have significantly limited the opportunities for students living outside the United States to complete standardized tests often required for U.S. university admission consideration. In response to this notable decrease in access and the recommendations of the National and International Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC and International ACAC), Fordham University will expand our SAT/ACT test flexible application option for qualified overseas students applying for Fall 2020 admission. Please see Application Requirements below for additional details.

In addition, new first-year applicants who will study at Fordham on a non-immigrant visa may be eligible for partial need-based financial aid in a need aware international student admission process. Please see Financial Aid and Scholarships below for additional details.

Join us for our spring virtual events

While all on-campus visit options this spring have been suspended, prospective and admitted students are invited to join us for one or more of our many virtual events.  Additionally, if you are in New York City over the summer, consider visiting campus for one of these events.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update
Fordham University's Office of Undergraduate Admission is aware that the coronavirus/COVID-19 has severely impacted our students and their families in some parts of the world. For continuing updates on Fordham's coronavirus status, please see

Application Deadlines

First-Year Applicants

For Fall Term (August) Enrollment
Early Action, Early Decision, Priority Performance: November 1*
Regular Decision: January 1

*This application deadline has been extended to November 4

Financial aid applicants must submit the CSS Profile by the corresponding admission plan deadline.

For Spring Term (January) Enrollment
November 1

Transfer Applicants

Please review the deadlines, details, and instructions for international transfer students.

Application Requirements

Requirements for international students are slightly different than those for U.S. students. (Students who hope to major in dance or theatre must complete additional requirements).

  • Common Application with essay and $70 application fee

  • Letter of Recommendation from school guidance counselor or secondary school teacher

  • Transcripts, mark sheets or certificates from all secondary schools or high schools attended (Fordham requires transcripts for the last four years of pre-university education)

    Curricula for secondary education around the world vary, and we recognize not all students have access to the same courses. That’s why we evaluate each student’s transcript—a list of courses taken and grades received—individually. No matter what you have studied, though, we expect you to have successfully completed a challenging university preparatory curriculum.

    All transcripts should be original documents submitted directly from a school official to Fordham University's Office of Undergraduate Admission. Copies must be certified by the school or an EducationUSA center. If the transcript is in a foreign language, please provide an English language translation of the document with your application.

    If applicable, please provide any national testing results (for example, GCSE, CAPE, or ICSE results, or projected results for IB, A levels, etc.)
  • SAT or ACT Results (SAT code: 2259; ACT code: 2748)
    • Fordham has an SAT/ACT test flexible option for some overseas applicants. Applicants must (1) complete secondary education outside of the USA, and (2) receive one of these credentials:
      • International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma
      • Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) Diploma 
      • French Baccalaureate
      • German Abitur 
      • Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE)
      • Italian Diploma di Esame di Stato (Maturita)
      • Mexican Bachillerato 
      • Singapore Cambridge GCE A levels 
      • South African National Senior Certificate
      • Spanish Bachillerato
      • UK GCE Advanced Levels (3+ required) 
    • These applicants have the option to submit predicted results in lieu of SAT/ACT results. Applicants will still be considered for Fordham's merit scholarships. This applies to international students and US citizens and eligible non-citizens who meet both above criteria.
    • Please Note:
      • Applicants completing their high school program within the USA, regardless of curriculum, must submit SAT or ACT results for admission consideration.
      • All students completing secondary education outside of the USA who are not completing one of the above indicated curricula must submit SAT or ACT results for admission consideration.
      • Please see the International FAQs if you have additional questions.
  • English Language Evaluation Results

    International students whose first language is not English must demonstrate their English proficiency through standardized test results.

    TOEFL iBT: 90+ (Fordham code: 2259)
    IELTS: 7.0+

    International students who are not submitting required TOEFL or IELTS results must complete the English Language Proficiency Test Waiver Request Form linked within the online applicant portal after an application has been officially submitted. 

    Applicants who live in the New York City area can alternatively take Fordham’s ESL placement evaluation (FELT) at the Institute of American Language and Culture. Email or call +1-212-636-6353 to make an appointment.
  • Fordham University Statement of Funding or CSS Profile

    Fordham University has a need aware admission process for first year applicants who plan to attend Fordham on a non-immigrant visa.

    Applicants who can fully fund their study at Fordham should complete the Fordham University Statement of Funding. This form will be available to eligible applicants upon submission of the application.

    Applicants who can partially fund their study at Fordham and will apply for need-based financial aid should complete the CSS Profile and submit it by the application deadline.

    One of these completed forms is required of all first-year applicants who plan to attend Fordham on a non-immigrant visa.

    Please see the International FAQs if you have additional questions.

Optional Interview Opportunities

Fordham University is unable to meet the demand for admission office interviews with all international applicants. However, we do provide the opportunity for a personal interview for all international applicants through our partners, DuolingoInitialView, and Vericant. Students are not evaluated for admission by our partners, but your interview will be posted and viewed by the Fordham International Admission team as part of your application review. An interview is not required. However, we highly recommend you submit an optional interview as it is an excellent way to show your interest, personal qualities and language proficiency to the Fordham International Admission team.

Fall 2020 Interview Deadlines
The Early Action/Early Decision deadline for interviewing with DuolingoInitialView, or Vericant is November 25, 2019. The Regular Decision deadline for interviewing with DuolingoInitialView, or Vericant is February 24, 2020.

Financial Aid And Scholarships

Fordham University offers need-based aid awards to a limited number of international students.  Selection for awards will be based on academic and extracurricular achievement as well as a thoughtful assessment of demonstrated need.  Because of this new opportunity, the application requirements for all first year applicants to Fordham who plan to attend on a non-immigrant visa will include submission of either the Fordham Statement of Funding or the CSS Profile (see Application Requirements above for details).

The Fordham application review for non-immigrant international applicants will be a need aware process. Due to limited funding, not all who require aid will receive awards and the amount of required aid may impact the final admission decision.

As funding for international students is limited, need-based aid awards will not cover the complete annual cost of attendance.  The annual awards may range from a few thousand dollars up to the cost of a student’s first-year full tuition charges at maximum. As the student and family will be responsible for all annual indirect charges, to qualify, the CSS Profile Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) must demonstrate a minimum of $30,000. This figure includes estimates for room and board, textbooks, travel expenses, health insurance, and miscellaneous expenses, along with annual increases in tuition .

Need-based aid awards are offered at the same amount annually for up to four years provided the student meets minimum GPA and Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements and there is no change to immigration status. Any international financial aid recipient who receives a green card or US citizenship during enrollment at Fordham will need to re-apply for funding, according to the domestic student aid process (i.e. file FAFSA). Award totals will not be adjusted in subsequent years so students and families must plan their finances accordingly, expecting estimated annual cost of attendance increases of 3-5%.

In addition, Fordham will continue to offer partial merit scholarships to international applicants who qualify for these competitive academic awards.

Please see the International FAQs if you have additional questions.

F-1 Student Visa Requirements

If you require Fordham sponsorship for an F-1 student visa, you must submit a completed Application for Certificate of Eligibility (AFCOE), supporting financial/bank statements showing your ability to fund your study at Fordham and the data/photo page of your current passport. We encourage you to submit these documents at the time of your application. The documents can be emailed to