Fordham in London: Gabelli School of Business

Locations: London, United Kingdom; Rome, Italy

“Studying abroad was an experience I will keep with me for the rest of my life. Not only was I able to make new friends I never would have imagined meeting, I was able to travel the world and experience various cultures.”
— Rachael Congialdi, Spring 2016

Student with Gabelli flag by stonehenge

Few locations in Europe rival London as a place to study world business. The Gabelli School allows you to complete your Fordham coursework in this European commercial center. Students may visit the headquarters of Jaguar and Barclays Bank, hold an internship at a London office of a Big Four accounting firm, or undertake a global study of social entrepreneurship.

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Fordham’s London Centre is located at Heythrop College, part of the University of London, where students will meet British and foreign students studying a variety of subjects. Students may choose to eat on campus, where a cafeteria serves three meals a day at reasonable prices, or off campus in nearby Kensington Square, which is well known for its cafés, restaurants, and shops. The square was once home to the great philosopher John Stuart Mill; the Pre-Raphaelite painter Edward Burne-Jones; and the great actress and creator of Eliza Doolittle, Mrs. Patrick Campbell.

The United Kingdom—England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland—is a diverse place full of contrasts, featuring a wide range of landscapes and cultures. London, the largest city in Europe, is a bustling cosmopolitan center of astonishing variety and interest that a visitor could explore for months without turning over every stone. The other regions of the U.K. are fascinating for their own reasons, each with a unique personality and history.

While based at Fordham’s London Centre, students may choose to venture from Cornwall in the far west to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland in the north. Cities such as Edinburgh, York, Durham, Chester, and Canterbury are reachable by an excellent rail network, as are areas of great natural beauty, such as the Lake District, the New Forest, and North Wales. And it’s only a quick trip to Dublin and the Republic of Ireland.


At the Gabelli School of Business in London, you will learn business in a European commercial capital while fulfilling your core and major requirements. You will learn from British executives and professors and take your learning outside of the classroom by visiting the headquarters of various U.K. businesses. Past business visits have included Aston Martin and the Chelsea Football Club.

Apply for the semester internship program here. Only students in the official internship program will be permitted to work or intern while studying in London. 

Fall Courses

Course availability is subject to change. Please visit this website for most recent course listing.

ACBU 3434 - Intermediate Financial Accounting
ACBU 3442 - Individual & Business Taxation
FNBU 3441 - Investments & Security Analysis
MKBU 3442 - Marketing Consulting
MKBU3458 - Global Sustainability Marketing
BLBU 2234 - Legal Frameworks for Business
BLBU 3443 - Ethics in Business
MKBU 3441 - Marketing Research
MKBU 3225 - Marketing Principles
FNBU 3445 - Investing in the EU
FNBU3443 - Global Business Economics and Trade

Students may also enroll in liberal arts core courses offered at the London Centre.

Spring Courses

Course availability is subject to change. Please visit this website for most recent course listing.

CMBU 44440 - ST: Theatre in Business

CMBU 2666 - Business Communications 2
INSY 2301 - Information Systems 2
FNBU 3221 - Financial Management
ACBU 2223 - Principles of Managerial Accounting
MKBU 3225 - Marketing Principles
BLBU 2234 - Legal Frameworks for Business
BLBU 3436 - Commercial Transactions (prerequisite: Legal Frameworks of Business)
BLBU 3443 - Ethics in Business
ACBU 3435 - Intermediate Financial Accounting 2 (prerequisite: Intermediate Financial Acct 1)
FNBU 3440 - Corporate Financial Policy (prerequisite: Financial Management)
FNBU 4450 - Global Investments

MGBU 4441 - Strategy

MKBU 3458 - Global Sustainability Marketing

Students may also enroll in liberal arts core courses offered at the London Centre.


Students are housed in shared student residences in residential areas in Zone 1 or 2, both of which offer a commute by public transport to classes at the London Centre and your chosen host university. The residences have self-catering facilities with a shared lounge. All of our housing is centrally located within London, in areas with shops and transportation and within reach of city attractions.

Student Services

The London experience begins with a comprehensive orientation that acquaints students with health, housing, travel, academic, and safety information. Program costs typically include co-curricular activities in and around the city of London and one long weekend visit to another European country.