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Fordham in London: Gabelli School of Business

Locations: London, United Kingdom

“Studying abroad was an experience I will keep with me for the rest of my life. Not only was I able to make new friends I never would have imagined meeting, I was able to travel the world and experience various cultures.”
— Rachael Congialdi, Spring 2016

Few locations in Europe rival London as a place to study world business. The Gabelli School allows you to complete your Fordham coursework in this European commercial center. Students may visit the headquarters of Jaguar and Barclays Bank, attend guest lectures with leaders in international business, or undertake a global study of social entrepreneurship.

Application for students who will be sophomores and register into a "cohort"

Program Details





Fordham’s London Centre is located in the Borough of Camden in Central London, in a neighborhood called Clerkenwell.

The United Kingdom—England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland—is a diverse place full of contrasts, featuring a wide range of landscapes and cultures. London, the largest city in Europe, is a bustling cosmopolitan center of astonishing variety and interest that a visitor could explore for months without turning over every stone. The other regions of the U.K. are fascinating for their own reasons, each with a unique personality and history.

While based at Fordham’s London Centre, students may choose to venture from Cornwall in the far west to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland in the north. Cities such as Edinburgh, York, Durham, Chester, and Canterbury are reachable by an excellent rail network, as are areas of great natural beauty, such as the Lake District, the New Forest, and North Wales. And it’s only a quick trip to the Republic of Ireland or France, Spain, and Italy in continental Europe.


At the Gabelli School of Business in London, you will learn business in a European commercial capital while fulfilling your core and major requirements. You will learn from British executives and professors and take your learning outside of the classroom by visiting the headquarters of various U.K. businesses. Past business visits have included Aston Martin and the Chelsea Football Club.

Why not combine practical work experience with your coursework in London?

Apply for the semester internship program. Only students enrolled in this internship program will be permitted to work or intern while studying in London.

For a list of business and liberal arts courses along with course descriptions and syllabi, please visit the London Centre website.


Students are housed in shared student residences in residential areas in Zone 1 or 2, both of which offer a commute by public transport to classes at the London Centre and your chosen host university. The residences have self-catering facilities with a shared lounge. All of our housing is centrally located in London, in areas with shops and transportation and within reach of city attractions. Learn more about living in London.

Student Services

The London experience begins with a comprehensive orientation that acquaints students with health, housing, travel, academic, and safety information. Program costs typically include co-curricular activities in and around the city of London and one long weekend visit to another European country.


The Fall semester runs from approximately the end of August through mid-December, and the Spring semester runs from approximately the beginning of January through the beginning of May.


Spring 2020 Dates:

January 2 – Centre Opens

January 8 – Students arrive in London (move into housing)

January 9 & 10 – Orientation

January 13 – Classes begin 

January 20 – City, UW teaching starts, internships begin 

March 16 – 20 GSB & Lib Arts mid-term break

April 10 – Good Friday Centre Closed

April 13 – Bank Holiday Centre Closed

April 6-9 – City assessment week

April 24 - Internships End

April 27 – May 1 GSB & Lib Arts final week

May 2 – GSB & Lib Arts students depart housing (except UW students)

May 8 – Bank Holiday Centre Closed

April 27-May 15 – UW exam period


Tentative Fall 2020 Dates:

August 26 – Students arrive in London (move into housing)

August 27 & 28 – Orientation

August 31 – Bank Holiday Centre Closed

September 1 – Classes begin

September 7 – City, UW, QMU teaching starts, internships begin 

October 19-23  – Mid-term break

December 4 – Internships end

December 7-11 – Final Exam Week 

Date TBD – City, UW, QMU teaching ends

December 12 – Students depart housing

December 21-January 3 – Centre Closed