Fordham STEM Bootcamp: Future Leaders of AI

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An exciting five-day, online STEM bootcamp for rising Juniors, Senior high school and College students during the summer,
July 24-28, 10 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

AI-tools are being leveraged by every industry to upscale business functions from media to marketing to management. With this enormous demand, understanding how to use AI will become a top priority even for interns.

What is AI exactly, and how is it affecting the academic disciplines and careers that are in your future?

Fordham has partnered with Ed3 DAO, an industry leader in Web3 technologies and education, to give high school students the opportunity to use their Winter Break wisely and learn about AI in a fun and groundbreaking avatar-based metaverse space.

This immersive certificate program will cover a range of trending topics about AI, including:

  • How to use AI to enhance your productivity at school or work.
  • How to use AI to amplify your creativity.
  • The dangers of AI.
  • Ethical considerations of AI.
  • How AI can enhance the decentralized web.
  • Industries that are being revolutionized by AI.

We will explore careers and professional opportunities like:

  • Using AI to support writing (resumes, social media and blog posts) and image generation (social media, art).
  • Using AI in the workplace.

As part of this exciting 5-day program, students will get to:

  • Experience Ed3's own metaverse platform, customized for Fordham!
  • Attend class as a personalized avatar.
  • Participate in hands-on projects using AI.
  • Meet professionals and students from across the region interested in the same topic.
  • Receive credentials on blockchain as well as a Fordham certificate.
  • Make connections with industry leaders!

Open to all rising juniors, senior high school and college students, with no prior experience in AI necessary!

Please note, this course focuses on using AI tools, not building them.

Registration and Tuition

Tuition for this 5-day STEM boot camp is $595. Registration for this program is now open. Let us know if you would like to receive information about the summer class by emailing [email protected].

Registration is closed. Thank you for your interest.

Refund Policy

Tuition is fully refundable with written notice to [email protected] prior to July 24. After the first class, there is no refund.


Please call 718-817-4665.

Ed3 DAO is a web3 decentralized autonomous organization made up of global educators who are learning and teaching others about web3 and related technologies like AI. Ed3 DAO is headquartered in a metaverse space called Ed3verse.