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Degree Options: Minor
Location: Rose Hill, Lincoln Center
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Learn to speak the fundamental language of business.

Accounting isn’t just for CPAs. It’s a skill that can help you succeed in any number of professions, from finance or marketing to human resources, government service, or law. It can help you run your own business, assess an organization’s financial health, or secure your own financial future. Whatever your major, knowing the basics of accounting will help you develop a business sense that serves you well throughout your career, and throughout life.

The seven-course minor in accounting provides for a systematic, integrated study of this subject. Students take courses in microeconomics and financial and managerial accounting as well as two upper-level electives. These include courses in auditing, sustainability reporting, forensic accounting, principles of taxation, ethics in financial reporting and accounting, and other topics.

Students interested in preparing for the exam to become a certified public accountant should consider Fordham’s majors in public accounting and public accountancy.

The Gabelli School of Business is considered one of the top business schools in the U.S. for a reason. (For a lot of reasons.) Our dual-core curriculum—half business, half liberal arts—makes Fordham business graduates unique: knowledgeable about global commerce, but also keenly aware of the human factor in every deal. We want you to excel in your field—and as a human being.

  • As an accounting minor, you will take these five courses, along with two upper-level electives:

    • Basic Microeconomics
    • Principles of Financial Accounting
    • Principles of Managerial Accounting
    • Intermediate Financial Accounting I
    • Intermediate Financial Accounting II
  • A background in accounting will prepare you for a variety of fields, including

    • Finance
    • Marketing
    • Business Administration
    • Financial planning
    • Management consulting
    • Human resources
    • Entrepreneurship

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