Touro-Fordham Conference

Panel from the 2018 Touro-Fordham Conference

Fordham IPED and Touro College hosted a conference on October 30, 2018, entitled “Living in the New World: The Impact of Technology and Globalization."

Topics discussed and guest speakers were as follows:

“It Really is a New World!”
Prof. Henry Schwalbenberg, Director, Fordham IPED

“How Social Institutions are Changing”
Prof. Idalia Bastiaens, Dept of Political Science, Fordham University
Prof. Erick Rengifo, Dept of Economics, Fordham University
Prof. Matthew Weinshenker, Dept of Sociology and Anthropology, Fordham University
Prof. Deborah Ratti, Dept of Sociology, Touro College

“Old and New Meanings of Community—for the Jewish People and the Catholic Church”
Prof. Simcha S. Fishbane, Graduate School of Jewish Studies, Touro College
Rev. Patrick J. Ryan, S.J., Professor of Religion and Society, Fordham University

“How Social Processes Are Changing”
Prof. Steven Pirutinsky, Graduate School of Social Work, Touro College
Mr. David Rosenberg, Economics Editor and Columnist, Haaretz (English edition)
Prof. Marc Silberman, Dept of Sociology and Psychology, Touro College
Prof. Angela Leventis, Academic Director of the Criminal Justice Program, Touro College

“What We Need to Know and Why—The Urgent Research Agenda”
Prof. Mervin F. Verbit Dept of Sociology, Touro College

A recap of and response to the above topics will be available soon on the IPED Blog.