Graduate IPED Alumni Placement

IPED student holding an IPED t-shirt

One of the most important facts that a prospective student needs to know is what type of future the MA in International Political Economy and Development (IPED) will prepare him or her for. The best way that we know to answer this question is to simply list the professional positions that some of our alumni have achieved in their careers.

Based on the latest annual survey of our alumni, roughly 39% are employed in the private sector, frequently as analysts and economists with firms such as Credit Suisse, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Ernst & Young, Thomson Reuters, and Standard and Poor's.

About 25% are employed in the non-profit, sector usually working overseas as project managers for agencies such as Lutheran World Relief, Catholic Relief Services and Save the Children.

Another 22% are employed in the government, frequently as managers, analysts and economists with multilateral organizations such as UNICEF, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the UN Development Programme as well as with national governmental organizations such as the US Agency for International Development, US Foreign Agricultural Service, the US International Trade Administration, and the US Congress.

Finally, 13% are in academia and education, some of whom are pursuing the JD in law or the PhD in one of the social sciences.*

* These percentages are based on the 2014 survey of our alumni and may differ slightly from the percentages given in some of our written materials which may be based on earlier surveys of our alumni.