Cassamarca Diplomatic Fellowship

Holy See’s Mission to the United Nations

IPED student Yap at the UN podium

Application Guidelines

Through the generous support of the Cassamarca Foundation, the Fordham IPED Program is pleased to call for applications for the Cassamarca Diplomatic Fellowship at the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations. This full-time fellowship carries a minimum stipend of US$10,000 to cover living expenses in New York. While working full-time at the Holy See’s Mission, the fellow will be considered as a full-time student and registered at no cost in IPED 6800 Diplomatic Fellow for the Spring and Summer. Consistent with the desire of the donor, the fellow will spend a significant amount of his or her time on issues related to globalization and/or migration.

Description of Fellow’s Duties

Successful applicants will join the diplomatic staff of the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations on a full-time basis and assist in its multilateral work at the United Nations to bring Catholic Social Teaching into the debates of the international community. Fellows receive a special orientation on the history of the diplomatic work of the Holy See at the United Nations. He or she will attend a wide variety of UN meetings, conferences, and debates, file reports to be sent to the Holy See’s central offices in the Vatican, in particular to the Secretariat of State. The fellow will also assist in running the Mission’s many conferences; regularly attend receptions and cultural events held by the Holy See and other Missions, and many other activities.


  1. A second year IPED student in good academic standing.
  2. A practicing Catholic.
  3. Understand and appreciate basic Catholic Social Teaching.
  4. Fluent in English.
  5. Knowledge of other official UN languages is a plus.
  6. A good, clear and precise writer.
  7. Capable of analytical and synthetic thought.
  8. Sound research skills.
  9. Ability to work in teams.

Application Procedure

Applications must be submitted to the IPED Office by October 15 or the following Monday if the 15th falls on a weekend.

Applications should contain the following:

1. Cover Letter

  • Briefly explain your background and why you would be interested in serving as a fellow with the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations.
  • Confirm your availability to work full-time for the six-month-fellowship period (January to July)
  • Describe your field of study and any particular qualifications you have for the work of the Holy See at the United Nations.
  • Mention where you practice the Catholic faith and your awareness of Catholic Social Teaching.

2. Curriculum Vitae

  • A standard curriculum vitae detailing your academic, work and volunteer history, special skills, languages and other competencies will suffice.
  • Please make sure all of your contact information — address, cell phone, email, Skype and social media accounts — is included.

3. If selected, the nominated student will need to provide the following additional materials:

  • An academic recommendation from the IPED Director.
  • A recommendation from the pastor of your Catholic parish, the chaplain of your University’s Catholic Campus Ministry, or a Catholic priest or deacon who is able to describe for us briefly the level of your knowledge and practice of the Catholic faith, character, etc.
  • If there are particular circumstances making the providing of either of these recommendations particularly difficult, please explain the situation in your cover letter.