LPO Research Activities

The faculty of the Gabelli School of Business leading people and organizations area consistently share their research with the wider community by publishing in high-quality academic journals and books and participating in industry conferences. The listing below is a sample of the organizational behavior area's recent research activities.

  • A. Filabi, and Robert F. Hurley, forthcoming, “The Risk of the Omniscient Employer,” Behavioral Scientist.

    Michael A. Pirson, forthcoming, “Reconnecting Management Theory and Social Welfare,” Journal of Business Ethics.

    Y. Tu, Ying Hong, Y. Jiang, and W. Zhang, forthcoming, “Team Ability Disparity and Goal Interdependence Influence Team Members’ Affective and Informational States,” Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice. 

    Michael A. Pirson, Maguirre Vazquez, C. Corus, E. Steckler, and A. Wicks, forthcoming, “Dignity and the Process of Social Innovation: Lessons from Social Entrepreneurship and Transformative Services for Humanistic Management,” Humanistic Management Journal.

  • Michael Pirson, Lerzan Aksoy, and Sertan Kabadayi, 2019, “Social Innovation and the Future of Business and Business Education,” Humanistic Management Journal, 4(2), 119-124.

    C. Wang, V. Baba, R. D. Hackett, and Ying Hong, 2019, “Employee-experienced High-Performance Work Systems in facilitating employee helping and voice: The role of employees’ proximal Perceptions and trust in the supervisor,” Human Performance 32(2), 69-91.

    Esther Solomon, 2019, “Editor’s Introduction: Facet Theory in Organizational Research,” International Studies of Management and Organization, 49, 233-246.

    Michael A. Pirson, Kirsten Martin, and Bidhan Parmar, 2019, “Public Trust in Business and its Determinants,” Business and Society, 58(1), 132-166.

    Michael A. Pirson, P. Adler, J. Barney, J. Bartunek, D. Patient, N. Philips, C. Pitelis, J. Walsh, 2019, “From Crisis to Enlivenment: An AOM President Responds to EO13769,” Journal of Management Inquiry, 28(3), 261-268.

    Morgan Huse, and Esther Solomon, 2019, “Corporate Governance and Paradoxical Tensions: Integration through Facet Theory,” International Studies of Management and Organization, 49, 320-339.

    Robert F. Hurley, 2019, “When Innovation and Trust are at Odds,” Harvard Business Review, 1-5.

    A. Filabi, and Robert F. Hurley, 2019, “The Paradox of Employee Surveillance,” Behavioral Scientist, 1-6.

    Y. Zhou, G. Liu, X. Chang, and Ying Hong, 2019, “Top-down, bottom-up or outside-in? An examination of triadic mechanisms on firm innovation in Chinese firms,” Asian Business & Management, September, 1-32.

    Michael A. Pirson, 2019, “A Humanistic Perspective for Management Theory: Protecting Dignity and Promoting Well-Being,” Journal of Business Ethics, 159, 39–57.

  • Michael A. Pirson, 2018, “Reclaiming our Humanity-a Cornerstone for Better Management,” Humanistic Management Journal, 2(2), 103-107.

    Ellen J. Langer, Michael A. Pirson, and Sigal Zilcha-Mano, 2018, “Enabling Socio-cognitive Perspective of Mindfulness: The Development and Validation of the Langer Mindfulness Scale,” The Journal of Adult Development, 25(3), 168-185.

    Michael A. Pirson, 2018, “Humanistic Management—Sucks Less and Better for your Health,” Humanistic Management Journal, 3(1), 1-7.

    Michael A. Pirson, and Shann Turnbull, 2018, “Decentralized Governance Structures Are Able to Handle CSR-Induced Complexity Better,” Business and Society, 57(5), 929-961.

    Michael A. Pirson, 2018, “Exploring the Boundaries of Compassion Organizing,” Humanistic Management Journal, 2(2), 151-169.

    Esther Solomon, 2018, “Organizational learning, integrity and value through process-oriented innovations,” Human Systems Management, 37(1), 81-94.

    Thomas A. Wright, Arthur S. DeGroat, John Hollwitz, and Richard W Stackman, 2018, “Further Thoughts on Kerr’s “Folly” and Repeat Offenses: Where We Are, Have Been, and Are Going,” Journal of Management Inquiry, 27(3), 316-324.

    Sally A. Baack, Arthur S. DeGroat, John Hollwitz, Richard W. Stackman, Jeffrey P. Shay, and Thomas A. Wright, 2018, “40 Years (and Counting): Steve Kerr Reflections on the “Folly”,” The Journal of Management Inquiry, 27(3), 309-315.

  • Michael A. Pirson, 2017, “In a time of global upheaval- Humanistic Management thinking needed more than ever,” Humanistic Management Journal, 1(2), 155-157.

    Michael A. Pirson, Kirsten Martin, and Bidhan Parmar, 2017, “Formation of Stakeholder Trust in Business and the Role of Personal Values,” The Journal of Business Ethics, 145(1), 1-20.

    Sean T. Hannah, M. Blake Hargrove, James C. Quick, and Thomas A. Wright, 2017, “Best practice recommendations for scale construction in organizational research: The development and initial validation of the Character Strength Inventory (CSI),” The Journal of Organizational Behavior, 38(5), 615-628.

    Dorothy E. Klotz, and Thomas A. Wright, 2017, “A Best Practice Modular Design of a Hybrid Course Delivery Structure for an Executive Education Program,” Journal of Innovative Education, 15(1), 25-41.

    Ying Hong, Yuan Jiang, Hui Liao, and Michael C. Sturman, 2017, “High Performance Work Systems for Service Quality: Boundary Conditions and Influence Processes,” Human Resource Management, 56(5), 747-767.

    Robert F. Hurley, 2017, “The Decision to Trust,” Reprinted in Harvard Business Review OnPoint, March 2017, 66-74.

    Michael A. Pirson, 2017, “Better Stories Needed: How meaningful Narratives can transform the World,” Humanistic Management Journal, 2(1), 1–6.


  • Julita Haber, Genevieve Elizabeth O’Connor, and Nina Sarkar, 2016, “Make Your Students Sweat: Fitness Integrated Learning in Business Education,” Journal Applied Business and Economics, 18(2), 39-48.

    Ying Hong, Hui Liao, Steffen Raub, and Joo Hun Han, 2016, “What it Takes to Get Proactive: An Integrative Multi-Level Model of Antecedents of Personal Initiative,” Journal of Applied Psychology, 101(5), 687-701.

    Kaifeng Jiang, Jia Hu, Ying Hong, Hui Liao, and Songbo Liu, 2016, “Do It Well and Do It Right: The Impact of Service Climate and Ethical Climate on Business Performance Outcomes and the Boundary Conditions,” Journal of Applied Psychology, 101(11), 1553-1568.

    Michael Pirson, Kenneth Goodpaster, and Claus Dierksmeier, 2016, “Dignity and Business - Introduction to Special Issue,” Business Ethics Quarterly, 26(4), 465-478.

    Michael Pirson, 2016, “On Humanistic Management - Welcome to Humanistic Management Journal,” Humanistic Management Journal, 1(1),1-7.

    Thomas A. Wright and Dopgias A. Sweeney, 2016, “The Call for an Increased Role of Replication, Extension, and Mixed Methods Study Designs in Organizational Research,” Journal of Organizational Behavior, 37(3), 480-486.

    Kyle J. Emich and Thomas A. Wright, 2016, “The ‘I’s Team: The Importance of Individual Members to Team Success,” Organizational Dynamics, 45, 2-10.

    Ying Hong and Benson Honig, 2016, “Publish and Politics? An Examination of Business School Faculty Salaries in Ontario,” Academy of Management Learning and Education, 15(4), 665-685. 

  • Kaifeng Jiang, Ying Hong, Patrick F. McKay, Derek R. Avery, David C. Wilson, and Sabrina D. Volpone, 2015, “Retaining Employees through Anti-Sexual Harassment Practices: Exploring the Mediating Role of Psychological Distress and Employee Engagement,” Human Resource Management, 54(1), 1-21.

    Michael Pirson and Shann Turnbull, 2015, “The Future of Corporate Governance: Network Governance - A Lesson from the Financial Crisis,” Human Systems Management, 34(1), 81-89.

    Michael Pirson, 2015, “Conceptualizing Humanistic Management as Normative Alternative to Managing in a Post Crisis World,” Human Systems Management, 34(1), 1-4.

    Frank M. Werner and James A.F. Stoner, 2015, “Transforming Finance and Business Education: Part of the Problem,” Journal of Management for Global Sustainability, 3(1), 25-52.

    Douglas G. Bonett and Thomas A. Wright, 2015, “Cronbach's Alpha Reliability: Interval Estimation, Hypothesis Testing and Sample Size Planning,” Journal of Organizational Behavior, 36(1), 3-15.

    Thomas A. Wright, 2015, “Distinguished Scholar Invited Essay: Reflections on the Role of Character In Business Education and Student Leadership Development,” Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 22(3), 253-264.

    Michael Pirson, 2015, “Economistic and Humanistic Narratives of Leadership in the Age of Globality: Toward a Renewed Darwinian Theory of Leadership,” Journal of Business Ethics. 128(2), 383-394.

  • Robert Hurley, Xue Gong and Adeela Waqar, 2014, “Understanding the Loss of Trust in Large Banks,” International Journal of Bank Marketing, 32(5), 348-366.

    Thomas A. Wright, 2014, “Putting Your Best 'Face' Forward: The Role of Emotion-Based Well-Being in Organizational Behavior,” Journal of Organizational Behavior, 35(8), 1153-1168.

    Douglas G. Bonett and Thomas A. Wright, 2014, “Sample Size Planning for Multiple Correlation: Reply to Shieh (2013),” Psicothema, 26(3), 391-394.

    Thomas A. Wright, 2014, “When Character and Entrepreneurship Meet: A View from the World of Sport,” Journal of Business and Management, 20(1), 5-23.

  • Michael A. Pirson, forthcoming, “Humanistic Management- Business Ethics Encyclopedia,” Springer.

    Michael A. Pirson, J. Bachani, and R. Blomme, 2018, “Humanistic Management in Action- Cases-Tools and Frameworks,” Business Expert Press.

    Robert F. Hurley, 2017, “The Production and Reproduction of Trust Violations: An Exploration of Theory and Practice in Universal Banks Prior to the Global Financial Crisis,” In Sitkin, Searle and Nienaber editors, Companion to Trust, Routledge.

    Michael A. Pirson, 2017, “Humanistic Management, an overview of theory, practice and pedagogy,” Cambridge University Press.

    M. Kostera, and Michael A. Pirson, 2017, “Dignity and Organizations,” Palgrave.