Marketing Strategy and Management Careers

Careers in Marketing - Marketing Strategy and Management

Marketing strategy relies on understanding consumers, reaching untapped markets, innovating, and developing intelligent plans to mobilize a business for growth and profitability.

  • Chief Marketing Officer
    The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a visionary leader who oversees the firm’s offerings and its product portfolio to create value for customers and business partners. The CMO monitors business intelligence from inside and outside the industry to identify opportunities and threats and strategize accordingly. They lead the communication and delivery of the firm’s offerings, build brand awareness, and manage products, relationships and business partners using pricing, product development, and various communication strategies. (BS, MBA, 10+ yrs. Exp.)

    Vice President of Marketing
    A VP of Marketing reports to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and leads various marketing activities in collaboration with the sales and product development teams and other departments. The VP of Marketing gathers customer, competitor, and market intelligence data to identify trends and implement plans to advance a company’s presence in the marketplace. (BA/BS, MBA/MS, 8+ yrs. Exp.)

    Strategic Marketing Manager/Director
    Strategic Marketing Managers develop solutions to marketing challenges, analyze solutions, and recommend related action plans. They may create partnerships with businesses (B2B), or work with consumers (B2C) to develop appropriate marketing plans. They focus on target consumer markets by enhancing awareness, increasing market share, and affecting company revenues and profits. (BA/BS, MS, 7+ yrs. exp.)

    Program Analyst
    Program Analysts monitor a firm’s various marketing activities and evaluate their performance by collecting and analyzing data to capture appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs). They use analytical methods to improve business plans, marketing programs, and optimize budgets and production schedules to ensure that the marketing teams meet contractual/project requirements. These specialists perform in-depth research and interact with vendors and customers. (BA/BS, MS, 7+ yrs. Exp.)

    Technology Developer Marketing Managers/Specialists
    Technology Developer Marketing Managers/Specialists coordinate the development of compelling digital experiences with cross-functional teams, including information system specialists, engineers, product specialists, and marketing teams. They oversee marketing-related software assets, and their activities include the purchasing, developing, updating, and implementing software programs. Some relevant job titles are Developer Marketing Manager, Marketing Platform Developer, and Marketing Web Developer. (BA/BS, 4+ yrs. Exp.)

    Program/Project Manager
    A Program/Project Manager develops and coordinates marketing tasks and budgets. They create and maintain monthly and weekly project schedules across departments and ensure project roadmaps are on track for completion. (BA/BS, 3+ yrs. Exp.)

    Marketing Consultant/Advisor
    Marketing Consultants are external advisors who work with companies to develop and implement marketing strategies.

    They help firms identify opportunities and threats and develop business goals, marketing plans, advertising messages, and promotional activities to achieve the desired goals. (BA/BS, 3+ yrs. Exp.)

    Marketing/Project Associate/Coordinator/Assistant
    Marketing Associates support the activities within marketing and research and follow industry trends. Project Coordinators track the tasks to ensure that the marketing initiatives stay within the allocated time and budget. They perform administrative tasks related to product management, from development to production, and communicate the timelines and best practices. (AA, BA/BS, 1+ yr. Exp.)

    Marketing Operations Specialist
    Marketing Operations Specialists drive the end-to-end execution of campaigns, growth strategies, and sales initiatives. This may include program execution, project and process management, and training. They monitor the outcomes of marketing programs and help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing operations. (BA/BS, 3+ yrs. Exp.)

  • Demand Generation/Growth Marketing Manager
    Demand Generation Managers are responsible for designing and executing inbound and outbound marketing programs. They target new markets and enhance existing markets to increase brand awareness and sales. (BA/BS, 7+ yrs. Exp.)

    Demand Generation Specialist/Analyst
    Demand Generation Specialists translate business briefs into usable information for marketing automation systems, prepare analytics, and collaborate with internal or external partners. They use demand generation programs and analyze data from various sources to generate insights for increasing leads. (AA, BA/BS, 3+ yrs. Exp.)

    Growth Marketing Strategist
    A Growth Marketing Strategist has an in-depth understanding of the customer journey and the methodologies for mapping it. They adopt various strategic, analytical, technical, and tactical activities to assess key touchpoints and automate marketing practices using the latest technologies. (AA, BA/BS, 2 yrs. Exp.)

  • Event Manager
    Event Managers design and execute various types of events and secure venues. They research, plan, manage calendars, negotiate quotes, and sign contracts with vendors. They also plan and monitor timelines, budgets, and every detail to ensure timely and accurate event objectives. (AA, BA/BS, 2 yrs. Exp.)

    Event Marketing Specialist
    An Event Marketing Specialist works at trade shows, concerts, sporting events, or other event exposures. They follow plan schedules and develop booth designs. (AA, BA, 0-1 yr. Exp.)