Public Relations Careers

Careers in Marketing - Public Relations

Public Relations teams handle all the firm’s external communications with media, customers, and investors, as well as internal communications with employees to build mutually beneficial relationships. They develop communication plans and respond in special situations such as cases of negative publicity.

  • Media Relations/Communications Manager/Director
    A Media Relations Director manages the communication between the firm or the client and media. They develop relationships with key stakeholders across traditional/digital media channels, and devise and implement strategic communication plans. They write, and approve messaging for press releases and pitches, talking points, social media accounts, media statements, and op-eds. (BA/BS, MS, 8+ yrs. Exp.)

    Publicity Assistant/Public Affairs Specialist
    Publicity Assistants create and execute publicity plans, write press releases and cultivate relationships with journalists. They assist senior publicity staff with high-profile media campaigns, coordinate correspondence and publicity materials, and review copy requests. They seek publicity opportunities across print, TV, radio and digital media. (BA/BS, MS, 4+ yrs. Exp.)

    Media Relations Specialist
    A Media Relations Specialist cultivates relationships with media and devises brand/product positioning strategies for specific media outlets. They plan visual and editorial opportunities for media/broadcast, develop editorial ideas and news releases, and pitch to the media. (BA/BS, 1+ yrs. Exp.)

  • Public Relations/Corporate Communications Manager
    Public Relations/Corporate Communications Managers act as the bridge between a company and the outside world. They manage day-to-day external communications, often dipping into public relations. They build and nurture relationships with individuals at all levels of the organization. (BA/BS, 5+ yrs. Exp.)

    Internal/External Communications Manager
    An Internal/External Communications Manager plans and directs the activities for maintaining public image and raising awareness. Their responsibilities include leading fundraising initiatives for the organization and managing various development services. These are designing, developing, and executing internal communication plans and strategies. (BA/BS, 3 yrs. Exp.)

    Internal/External Communications Specialist
    Internal/External Communications Specialists handle communications content for an organization. This includes reminders, memos, executive emails, sponsorships, fundraisers, marketing materials, and job descriptions. (BA/BS, 2+ yrs. Exp.)

    Communications Coordinator/Assistant
    A Communications Coordinator supports the communications department in executing and monitoring communication strategies. They create public relations and marketing materials such as press releases, blog posts, and newsletters. They also track and report analytics on communications. (BA/BS, 0-2 yrs. Exp.)

  • Client/Customer Relations Manager/Director
    A Client/Customer Relations Manager handles and resolves client queries, develops strategies for improving customer services, and trains other client services staff. They cultivate and maintain trusting relationships with existing clients, bring new clients on board, and protect the brand by maintaining a positive image. (BA/BS, 6+ yrs. Exp.)

    Customer Relations Specialist/Consultant
    Customer Relations Specialists work with internal and external teams to develop strong and trusted relationships with customers through timely communications. They seek to offer excellent customer service to high volumes of customer calls and resolve issues on time. (BA/BS, 2+ yrs. Exp.)

    Client Marketing/Retention Associate
    Client Marketing/Retention Associates coordinate the loyalty and retention programs designed to win back, reward, and retain customers and clients. They have experience in managing digital marketing campaigns and understand modern marketing strategies and technologies, and account-based marketing tactics. (AA, BA/BS, 0-3 yrs. Exp.)

  • Investor Relations Manager/Director
    Investor Relations Managers are responsible for the communication between the firm’s management and its investors. They work with other entities inside the firm to develop and implement strategies for information releases, handle inquiries and meetings, advise the leadership, and manage negative publicities and crises. (BA/BS, 5+ yrs. Exp.)

    Fundraising Manager
    Fundraising Managers plan, direct, and coordinate activities to create and maintain a favorable public image and raise awareness for their organization. They plan, direct, solicit and maintain fundraising activities and projects. (BA/BS, 5+ yrs. Exp.)

    Investor Relations Analyst
    An Investor Relations Analyst collects, cleans, and analyzes market and peer data and benchmarks the enterprise’s performance. They collect investment information and engage in preparing and communicating shareholder reports. (BA/BS, 2+ yrs. Exp.)

    Investor Relations Assistant
    An Investor Relations Assistant handles the administrative duties related to investor relations. They assist in gathering and organizing information and reports, and preparing investor communication materials, internal memos and reports. (BA/BS, 2+ yrs. Exp.)