Advertising Careers

Careers in Marketing - Advertising

An advertising agency is a professional service firm hired by other businesses, corporations, non-profits, and government agencies to create, plan, and produce advertising, and sometimes other forms of promotion and marketing, to sell products or services and meet business objectives for its clients.

Media agencies determine how to reach audiences for a brand’s message and where it should intersect the consumer (e.g. TV, print, social media). Media agencies consist of planners and buyers. Media planners develop the best mix of media channels to reach the target audience efficiently. The approved plan is then turned over to the media buying team who negotiates for the best placements with the media/ entertainment companies (e.g. ViacomCBS, Comcast). These companies sell ad space within their programs or properties.

  • Account Supervisor/Director
    An Account Supervisor/Director supports the key initiatives for the brand and products, helping to position the brand as a leader in its category. They collaborate with the internal team and client stakeholders, and oversee account managers and account executives. They build client relationships and lead a variety of workstreams within the digital and advertising campaign ecosystem. They support the planning, execution, and reporting of multi-channel integrated marketing campaigns. (BA/BS, 7+ yrs. Exp.)

    Account Manager
    An Account Manager serves as a direct liaison between the client and the agency. They oversee integrated agency partnerships, account coordinators, and account executives. Account Managers work with other departments to allocate resources and maintain relationships by participating in strategic conversations with senior-level clients. They develop advertising and marketing initiatives and approve creative work for the client. (BA/BS, 4+ yrs. Exp.)

    Account Executive
    An Account Executive coordinates with all internal agency departments and is the first point of contact with the client. They handle creative briefs, production budgets, scheduling of jobs, the day-to-day management of the account, creative teams, and agency partners. Account Executives report to the account manager or director, working alongside planning and account management personnel. (BA/BS, 2 yrs. Exp.)

    Assistant Account Executive
    An Assistant Account Executive is responsible for competitive brand analyses, meeting reports, budgets, timelines, and copy clearance. They set priorities and support account teams, organize workstreams, and maintain or review weekly and monthly project status reports. They support and assist with various elements of production and develop relationships with clients. (BA/BS, internship, 0-2 yrs. Exp.)

    Account Coordinator
    An Account Coordinator develops briefs, client reports, and key agency documentation under the guidance of an account executive. They assist senior staff in the execution of internal agency projects and develop client-facing relationships. They coordinate the daily activities of accounts, with the responsibility of ensuring that work is completed on time and on budget. (AA or BA/BS, Entry Level)

  • Strat/Account Planner/Consumer Insights Manager or Specialist
    An Account Planner or Consumer Insights Manager plans and executes market research to understand consumer behavior and build an effective strategy that drives customer action and awareness of the clients’ products and services. They help the team, particularly the creatives, understand what excites the consumers. They study cultural and behavioral trends to develop consumer insights, analyze data, and define the overall distribution and amplification strategy. (BA/BS, MS, 3+ yrs. Exp.)

  • Project Manager
    A Project Manager oversees several accounts and works with the Creative and Account Management teams to ensure the development of a creative idea flows smoothly from concept through to finished product. They are responsible for breaking down the project into smaller tasks, defining roles, overseeing the project budget and timelines, managing risks, and ensuring consistency with the project scope. (BA/BS, 3+ yrs. Exp.)

    Associate/Assistant Project Manager
    An Associate Project Manager develops and maintains weekly/monthly reports and the tracking/reporting dashboards. They support the project manager and work alongside other departments—creative, strategy, and account leads—to create and manage the schedules and deadlines of multiple projects. (BA/BS, Entry Level)

  • Media Director
    A Media Director oversees media strategy, reporting, analysis, relationship management, team management, and agency stewardship. They lead teams, develop resources, and plan media strategies on planning, buying, and budget allocation in order to build tactical plans. They are responsible for monitoring trends and applications in bidding environments. (BA/BS, 10+ yrs. Exp.)

    Media Planner
    Media Planners manage workflows and oversee media associates. They lead strategic initiatives for the client’s audiences and campaign management. Media planners seek new initiatives and media opportunities for the brand and ensure that the overall compliance objectives are met and effectively communicated among various teams. (BA/BS, 5+ yrs. Exp.)

    Associate Media Planner
    An Associate Media Planner handles the day-to-day operations of consumer analysis, research, media strategy, and new media opportunities. They work with client accounts by managing media schedules and budgets, communicating with media sales reps, monitoring ad traffic, and performing specialized tasks for the media department. They may also manage social media content, interact with social media users, and assist with digital marketing tasks. (BA/BS, 2+ yrs. Exp.)

    Assistant Media Planner
    An Assistant Media Planner supports the media team with daily maintenance of media campaigns, tracking the campaign, managing reports, preparing budgets, resolving billing discrepancies, analysis, and invoicing for media placements. (BA/BS, Entry Level)

  • Media Buying Director
    A Media Buying Director leads and manages a team of search, social, and programmatic media buyers. They analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics across all channels and provide campaign reports. They optimize campaigns within a budget and develop and implement strategies to accelerate growth for clients. (BA/BS, 8+ yrs. Exp.)

    Associate Media Director
    An Associate Media Buying Director works on research, planning, implementation, and follow-through of all media functions, such as negotiation and purchase, to ensure that media purchases deliver on client objectives. They provide strategic directions to deliver effective communication plans for broadcast clients using analytical and forecasting approaches. They manage and support staff within their team. (BA/BS, 7 yrs. Exp.)

    Programmatic Media Manager
    A Programmatic Media Manager executes campaigns and helps drive platform selection, investments, implementation, reporting, and optimization. Their responsibilities include platform strategy, vendor selection and negotiation, invoice management, and reporting. (BA/BS, 5+ yrs. Exp.)

    Programmatic Buyer/Specialist
    A Programmatic Buyer/Specialist leads the implementation and development of the programmatic channel to optimize customer growth within the budget. They report to the programmatic manager and work cross-functionally within the media strategy and analytics team. This specialist leads programmatic planning and media-buying to recommend effective growth strategies and budgets. (BA/BS, 2+ yrs. Exp.)

    Programmatic Analyst
    A Programmatic Analyst works with the programmatic team to deliver effective campaigns through data, audience, and contextual targeting. Their responsibilities include managing campaigns across programmatic mobile, display, video, and audio. They analyze campaigns for clients and optimize the effectiveness of planning, testing, and media management. (BA/BS, 2+ yrs. Exp.)

    Assistant Media Buyer
    An Assistant Media Buyer provides support in advertising, marketing, and campaign management. They work with the media team to research media platforms, communicate with advertising agencies, negotiate with ad-placement vendors, and prepare documents for clients. (BA/BS, Entry Level)

    Market Research Analyst
    A Market Research Analyst is responsible for surveying customer preference and statistical data to support clients during their decision-making process regarding product development, price design, and promotions. They analyze qualitative and quantitative data, trends, strategies, and competition. (BA/BS, Entry Level)