Marketing Research Careers

Careers in Marketing - Marketing Research

Market research provides information about the consumers, customers, and public to marketers. This information helps firms identify opportunities or problems, monitor performance, and have a better understanding of the business, customers, and markets. Firms use this information to develop effective marketing strategies and minimize risks in their business decisions.

  • Market Research Manager/Director
    Market Research Managers select and recommend the appropriate research methodology and the supporting techniques to meet business objectives. Upon completion, they review the collected data, summarize findings in a written report and make recommendations to the sponsoring client. They oversee and manage market research analysts and specialists. (BA/BS, MS, 5+ yrs. Exp.)

    Market Research Analyst
    A Market Research Analyst collects and analyzes data on consumers, competitors, and markets. They interpret data, formulate reports, and offer recommendations. In the digital space. they have a deep understanding of SEM strategies and SEO practices. (BA/BS, 4+ yrs. Exp.)

    Market Research Specialist/Consultant/Market Researcher/Qualitative/Quantitative Researcher
    A Marketing Research Specialist or strategist serves as the bridge between products and consumers. They work with Demand Generation Specialists and Content Strategists to conduct research, and create surveys and data-based measurement systems. They work on the validation, design, and analysis of longitudinal and experimental research using quantitative techniques and analytical tools. (BA/BS, 2+ yrs. Exp.)

    Customer Insights Analyst
    A Customer Insights Analyst monitors and analyzes data, and conducts qualitative and quantitative research to generate intelligence and insights about customer needs, wants, and behaviors. They manage relevant agency contacts, and prepare materials and presentations to support product positioning and sales. (BA/BS, MS. 3+ yrs. Exp.)

    Data Analyst (Also, see the Data Analytics category)
    Data Analysts utilize both structured and unstructured data from proprietary or non-proprietary sources. They work closely with technologists and data scientists and manage the day-to-day data operations of the firm. They collect and manage data sets to support strategy and segmentation functions. (BA/BS, MS, 1+ yrs. Exp.)

    Marketing Intelligence Specialist
    Marketing Intelligence Specialists collect data from internal and external resources and monitor the trends and advances within and outside the industry to generate the intelligence to help the firm maintain competitive market positioning over time. They monitor and synthesize market factors to anticipate threats or opportunities for the long-term business strategy. (BA/BS, 0-2 yrs. Exp.)

    Research/Insights Associate
    An Insights Associate works with teams on projects for brands to understand, predict and influence consumer choice. They help marketers understand consumer needs and wants and improve customer experiences. They can work independently or in a team to build positive relationships with internal and external clients. (BA/BS, 0-2 yrs. Exp.)