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The following are useful resources for information on jobs in the marketing industry.

The Research Team

Mohammad G. Nejad, PhD, Marketing Area Chair ([email protected])

Aida Lahood, Marketing Area Program Manager ([email protected])

Graduate Students/Researchers: Jiayuan Xu, Buyi Zhang, Jennifer Han, Mariana Tzitzouris, Tiffany Gunduz, Hana Kalaie Sharan, and Adam French.

We thank the Fordham marketing area faculty for their feedback on previous drafts of this document and the following individuals for reviewing the brochure and offering their input: Kim Lewis-Collins, Linda Luca, Ikechi Okoronkwo, Carly Guerra, and Jonathan Zile. Special thanks to the Gabelli School Marketing and Communications team and Fordham’s Development and University Relations team, Michael Benigno, Hayley Magrin, and Ruth Feldman, for their help in producing this document.

Note: We acknowledge that a report like this is not exhaustive of all jobs and domains, and some positions may even overlap across multiple marketing domains. For example, marketing jobs within retail firms may span all nine domains, and there may be cross-functional teams, such that some individuals may perform more than one job. This report seeks to include the most frequently posted positions in each category and synthesizes other positions within these roles. This has been necessary to maintain the report at a manageable length and keep it useful to readers.