Business Development and Sales Careers

Careers in Marketing - Business Development and Sales

Sales and business development professionals devise growth strategies, tactics, and action plans to enhance the firm’s markets and create new ones. They coordinate with cross-functional teams to negotiate deals and contracts and handle all related activities.

  • Business Development Manager
    A Business Development Manager is responsible for driving revenue and customer growth and partnering with sales teams. They know the industry very well, think strategically about the business, oversee the sales and partner sales experiences, and may develop new markets. (BA/BS, 5+ yrs. Exp.)

    Business Development Associate/Sales Consultant
    A Business Development Associate assists senior executives in identifying and generating business opportunities. They have excellent communication and presentation skills. They may engage in cold-calling activities, and present and discuss the firm’s offerings with clients. (BA/BS, 3+ yrs. Exp.)

    Market Development Analyst
    Market Development Analysts research markets, consumers, and competitors and offer actionable insights that will help the firm develop marketing plans. They help in enhancing global or regional markets by focusing on new opportunities for firm offerings based on customer needs and wants, often in a competitive landscape. (BA/BS, 3+ yrs. Exp.)

  • Business Sustainability Strategy Manager/Director
    A Business Sustainability Strategy Manager/Director leads the firm’s global or local sustainability initiatives. They review policies and identify, define, and prioritize guidelines and activities to reduce carbon footprint. They develop action plans to drive positive changes in the firm’s practices and obtain support from the public and from private groups. (MBA/MS, 5+ yrs. Exp.)

    Business Sustainability Specialist/Coordinator
    Business Sustainability Coordinators support sustainability managers, act as liaisons, coordinate with clients, and maintain and support sustainability initiatives in areas such as operations, product development, sales, and public relations. (BA/BS, 3+ yrs. Exp.)

    *The research team found few job postings in this category.

  • Sales Manager/Director
    A Sales Director develops sales strategies, tactics, and action plans. They build sales teams and direct them to meet and exceed sales targets within assigned territories and accounts. They understand the market trends and customer needs and wants. (BA/BS, 7+ yrs. Exp.)

    Regional/National Sales Manager/Director
    A Regional/National Sales Director oversees an organization’s regional or national sales strategies, policies, objectives, and initiatives. They design short- and long-term sales strategies and evaluate and benchmark the effectiveness of existing sales programs. They project future sales goals, build sales teams and train them to address challenges locally, regionally, or nationally. (BA/BS, 5+ yrs. Exp.)

    Inbound/Outbound Sales Manager/Director
    An Inbound/Outbound Sales Manager cooperates with the sales customer support teams and resolves related issues. They plan and continuously monitor departmental operations to ensure that all work requirements and customer needs are met. They relate and respond to each customer’s demands in writing or verbally. (BA/BS, 5+ yrs. Exp.)

    Contract Manager
    Contract Managers oversee, negotiate, and prepare contracts. They are knowledgeable about the details and benefits, as well as the potential disadvantages of contracts. This position often requires several years of experience in contract negotiation. (BA/BS, 3+ yrs. Exp.)

    Sales Analyst/Audit Analyst
    A Sales/Audit Analyst collects, cleans, and analyzes sales and system data from bank accounts, points of sales, and system information. They monitor and forecast data and identify seasonality effects and trends across business units. (BA/BS, 2+ yrs. Exp.)

    Business Development Coordinator/Sales Support
    A Business Development Coordinator provides day-to-day administrative and operations support to the business development team. They research the market, prospective clients, and contacts, and assist the sales team in closing deals for a portfolio of brands or products. (AA, BA/BS, 1+ yrs. Exp.)

    Sales Rep/Agent/Associate/Lead
    A Sales Representative is responsible for preparing and qualifying leads at the initial stages in the sales funnel. They may research potential clients, connect with prospects, and educate them before handing them off to the closers in the sales team. (H.S. Diploma, AA, BA/BS, 0-1 yr. Exp.)