Brand and Product Management Careers

Careers in Marketing - Brand and Product Management

Brand management is the process of developing, maintaining, and increasing the perceived value of a product or service. It includes improving brand perceptions by increasing brand awareness and positive brand associations. Strategic brand management can help companies improve brand recognition, boost revenue, and achieve long-term business goals.

  • Brand Marketing Director
    A Brand Marketing Director leads, manages, and mentors the marketing team to define growth strategies for the company. They pioneer and oversee new paths to customer adoption, acquisition, and expansion. The director collaborates with the product, marketing, and sales teams to improve customer experience and create growth programs. They work with the analytics and finance teams to optimize these programs. (MBA, 10+ yrs. Exp.)

    Brand Manager/Senior Brand Manager
    A Brand Manager/Senior Brand Manager develops strategies, plans, and budgets for global and regional brands. They leverage research to identify growth opportunities and devise short-term and long-term plans for the brand, including objectives, activities, and KPIs. Brand managers often lead a cross-functional team and coach the assistant and associate brand managers. (BA/BS, MBA/MS, 5+ yrs. Exp.)

    Associate Brand Manager
    An Associate Brand Manager develops plans for brands and tracks the brand performance. They assist cross-functional teams to design and implement activities within a set budget and timeline that align with brand priorities. They work with the data analytics teams to generate actionable insights and prepare periodic performance reports. (BA/BS, MBA/MS, 1+ yrs. Exp.)

    Brand Marketing Specialist
    Brand Marketing Specialists develop and execute marketing activities and events for brands. They often promote a brand’s designated product category to optimize sales, while building strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders. (BA/BS, 2 yrs. Exp.)

    Assistant Brand Manager
    An Assistant Brand Manager supports senior managers on cross-functional initiatives and tasks that align with brand priorities. They manage budgets and timelines to drive the execution of plans within the budget and timeline, ensure that all milestones are accomplished, and track the performance of brands and projects. They also assist in preparing reports and presentations. (BA/BS, MBA/MS, 2 yrs. Exp.)

  • Chief Product Development Officer
    A Chief Product Development Officer devises and leads strategies for developing new products that serve market needs in both the short and long term. The executive builds new product pipelines to grow the firm’s revenue and market share. They articulate a vision for the products and conduct briefings with senior executives regarding ongoing operations and strategic initiatives, and lead conversations with investors and analysts. (BA/BS, MS, 8+ yrs. Exp.)

    Product Marketing Manager
    Product Marketing Managers are experts on certain products who share their knowledge on these products with customers and the public. They collaborate with other departments on creating marketing campaigns, monitoring product sales, and training the sales team. (Certification, BA/BS, MS, 4+ yrs. Exp.)

    Product Analyst Product Analysts utilize market research and data analytics to help develop and introduce new products and services or update existing ones. They collaborate with the entire product development team and provide projected costs to release the product or service to the market. (BA/BS, 3+ yrs. Exp.)

    Product Specialist
    A Product Specialist conducts market research, analyzes trends, performs product demos for staff and customers, gathers feedback, and offers recommendations to the product development team. They facilitate training sessions, develop business plans, and assist with new product launches. (BA/BS, 2+ yrs. Exp.)

    Product Development Coordinator/Assistant
    A Product Development Coordinator communicates with the production, design, and development teams to assist with new projects, manage timelines, and administrative tasks. They may research prices or packaging options, gather information, establish timelines, track projects, and test new concepts. (BA/BS, 0-3 yrs. Exp.)