Digital Marketing Careers

Careers in Marketing - Digital Marketing

Digital marketing offers marketers vast opportunities to reach various audiences and consumers and connect with them. It enables marketers to learn about consumers, target them, measure the effect of marketing activities, and readjust these activities, all on a timely basis. Critical concerns are consumer privacy and the importance of responsible marketing. The COVID-19 pandemic has further enhanced firm and consumer online activities and the practice of digital marketing.

  • Digital Broadcast/Webcast/Podcast/Producer
    Digital Broadcast Producers oversee the production of a programming segment, promotions, or an entire show. They may specialize in promotions, news, programming, or other segments. Most producers start their careers at small/local stations, then move to larger stations in major markets as they advance. (AA, BA/BS, 2+ yrs. Exp.)

    Digital Broadcast/Media Specialist/Coordinator
    Digital Broadcast Coordinators start working in pre-production, setting up the production office, and organize equipment, supplies, and staff. They may coordinate travel, accommodation, work permits, and visas for cast and crew, and distribute shooting schedules, cast lists, and scripts. (BA/BS, 2 yrs. Exp.)

    Digital Broadcast Engineer
    Digital Broadcast Engineers work primarily in television and radio. They are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and operation of all broadcast-related equipment. They work on network and storage infrastructure, IP networking/multicasting, streaming media protocols, and transmission encoding/decoding systems. (BA/BS, 2 yrs. Exp.)

    Digital Media Buyer
    A Digital Media Buyer creates, manages, and optimizes media plans. They work with media managers to maximize the outcomes of client media budgets, approve invoices, and reconcile discrepancies. They track and place broadcast media plans, communicate with the advertiser and the publisher, work on the demand/supply side platforms, and monitor the ad exchange. (BA/BS, 1+ yrs. Exp.)

    Digital Broadcast Traffic Specialist
    Digital Broadcast Traffic Specialists coordinate the broadcasting station’s social media efforts, engage audiences, interact with communities, and increase brand awareness online. Individuals in these positions work with the web producing team and the digital content manager to develop and implement social media strategies for the station’s social media pages. They often have an in-depth knowledge of traffic/sales support in the broadcasting industry, such as television, radio, or cable. (BA/BS, 0-3 yr. Exp.)

  • Digital Marketing Manager/Director
    A Digital Marketing Manager develops and implements digital campaigns that promote a company and its products or services. They play a key role in enhancing brand awareness within the digital space, as well as in driving website traffic, acquiring leads or customers, and engaging customers and online audiences. (BA/BS, MBA/MS, 8+ yrs. Exp.)

    Digital Account Manager
    A Digital Account Manager is responsible for planning, developing, and managing clients’ digital marketing strategies to improve their web presence and achieve their digital marketing goals. They also build and manage relationships with existing and potential clients. (BA/BS, 5+ yrs. Exp.)

    Digital Marketing Specialist/Strategist
    A Digital Marketing Strategist develops solutions to meet the brand or the firm’s objectives based on consumer insights and data analytics. They identify trends and technologies that help the firm connect with potential and actual consumers. They help teams develop ideas that bring together the business goals, objectives, and consumer needs. (BA/BS, 4+ yrs. Exp.)

    Digital Marketing/Web/Google Analyst
    Digital Marketing/Web/Google Analysts develop and maintain search marketing campaigns through pay-per-click and other online advertising tools. These specialists bring analytical rigor to decision-making by building and maintaining a digital analytics ecosystem that generates actionable insights. (BA/BS, 2+ yrs. Exp.)

    Digital Marketing Assistant
    A Digital Marketing Assistant performs administrative tasks, and day-to-day activities, conducts market research, updates databases, works with different teams, and writes content for the firm’s social media website. (Certification, BA/BS, 0-3 yrs. Exp.)

  • Ecommerce Manager/Director
    An Ecommerce Manager/Director works with others inside and outside the company to develop and implement strategic and tactical plans for the firm’s Ecommerce. They prepare Ecommerce marketing plans, contracts, and budgets, and select advertising media. They also plan CRM campaigns for customer acquisition and retention, and initiate market research studies to better understand customers and markets. (BA/BS, MBA/MS, 8+ yrs. Exp.)

    Ecommerce Associate/Specialist
    An Ecommerce Associate/Specialist is an expert in online sales strategies and various platforms used to conduct digital sales or conversions on a website. They oversee website development and Ecommerce activities, collect and develop content, and ensure that the Ecommerce messages and goals align with those of the company. They may monitor customer lifetime value, path analysis, and shopping cart abandonment. (BA/BS, MS, 3+ yrs. Exp.)

    Ecommerce Analyst
    An Ecommerce Analyst is responsible for analyzing online retail sales data for a business. They create, implement, and automate Ecommerce dashboards/reporting tools and determine, measure, and analyze the key performance indicators (KPIs) across digital activities. (BA/BS, MS, 2+ yrs. Exp.)

  • Website Project Manager
    A Website Project Manager oversees and monitors website and mobile app development, including user experience, user interface, information architecture, content, and design. They define and develop project scope, solutions, budget plans and timelines. (BA/BS, 6+ yrs. Exp.)

    Web Content Manager
    A Web Content Manager leads a team of content producers to curate and develop content for a website. They oversee the website content and keep track of website traffic statistics and search engine rankings. (AA, BA/BS, 3+ yrs. Exp.)

    Web Content Specialist/Strategist
    Web Content Specialists/Strategists are responsible for writing copy and editing content for a digital platform such as a website or social media. They take the requirements and implement them in the digital space. This position may also include coordinating across departmental teams and reaching out to customers and focus groups to identify and develop content that would be interesting to certain targets. (AA, BA/BS or Certification, 2+ yrs. Exp.)

    Web Developer/Designer/Producer
    A Web Designer develops websites, application modules, image templates, and page templates. They create web models and prototypes and design, build, and maintain websites using scripting languages. They are proficient in various web development tools and programming languages. (AA, BA/BS, 2+ yrs. Exp.)

    Online Community Manager
    An Online Community Manager maintains an online community and develops and implements social media and communication campaigns that align with the community goals and firm strategies. They respond to user comments and customer queries and launch community initiatives such as building an online forum and preparing email newsletters. (BA/BS, 1+ yrs. Exp.)

    Webmaster/Web Developer Specialist
    Webmaster/Web Developer Specialists develop and test websites across browsers, operating systems, and devices. They monitor online traffic and conversions and ensure the functionality and efficiency of websites. (AA, BA/BS, 1+ yrs. Exp.)

  • Mobile Media Buyer
    A Mobile Media Buyer works closely with designers and the user acquisition team to coordinate and execute mobile media campaigns. They evaluate various metrics to optimize mobile activities, help manage mobile marketing budgets, and monitor, measure, and report campaign performances. (BA/BS, 3+ yrs. Exp.)

    SMS Marketing Specialist
    An SMS Marketing Specialist is responsible for taking marketing initiatives from ideation to implementation. They understand and review regulatory requirements, identify vendors, and keep up with the latest technological advancements and subscription-based industry trends. They design, implement, and improve SMS broadcasts, strategize across databases and channels, and develop campaign calendars and timelines. (AA, 1 yr. Exp.)

  • Email Marketing Manager/Executive
    Email Marketing Managers design, develop, and maintain the firm’s email marketing strategy. They create email campaigns to promote firm offerings. They determine the target audience, and devise and launch email campaigns to create a buzz or generate leads for the business or to inform customers about new deals and offers. (Bachelors, 3+ yrs. Exp.)

    CRM Manager
    CRM Managers focus on customer loyalty and retention marketing strategies and handle sales and relationships with clients using Customer Relationship Management systems. They develop goals that drive sales growth, improve customer retention, generate ideas for email marketing campaigns, and oversee new customer program development and execution. (BA/BS, 3 yrs. Exp.)

    Email Marketing Specialist/Analyst
    An Email Marketing Specialist/Analyst supports the Email Marketing Manager. They coordinate the calendar and delivery process with various business partners and vendors, assist in developing email lists, analyzing email campaigns, preparing reports, and ensuring compliance with laws in target markets. (AA, BA/BS, 1+ yrs. Exp.)

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Manager
    SEM/SEO/PPC Managers develop and implement strategies that align with the firm’s goals. They grow organic and paid web marketing channels that attract relevant traffic, improve lead volume, and inform and motivate online audiences and consumers. (BA/BS, 5+ yrs. Exp.)

    Search Engine Optimization/Pay-Per-Click Analyst
    SEO/PPC Analysts research and analyze keywords, quality ratings, and traffic reports and offer search recommendations. They identify gaps in website content, optimize pages for improved search results, build links, and assist in content creation. These analysts plan and implement strategies to increase website traffic through keyword analysis, bid optimization, organic SEO platforms, and paid search campaigns. (AA, BA/BS, 1-5 yrs. Exp.)

    SEO/PPC Specialists/Content Writer
    SEO/PPC Specialists/Content Writers research, curate, and create content for digital advertising. They understand SEO and search keywords and monitor the Web for content that relates to the firm. They also handle agency briefs and may execute digital campaigns. (AA, BA/BS, 3+ yrs. Exp.)

  • Content Marketing Manager/Director
    Content Marketing Managers/Directors plan, develop and implement the firm’s content strategy to engage and grow viewers and subscribers. They manage and produce digital and traditional marketing content, e-books, whitepapers, newsletters, infographics, guides, social media, websites, and blogs. (AA, BA/BS, 8+ yrs. Exp.)

    Digital Marketing Content Creator/Specialist/Associate (Inbound or Outbound or Both)
    A Digital Content Creator/Specialist collaborates with communications and research specialists to produce and create engaging digital content across different campaigns. They manage and execute multi-channel campaigns that leverage various strategies to drive awareness and engagement. They use analytics to identify and develop engaging content for inbound and outbound marketing activities. (BA/BS, 2+ yrs. Exp.)

    Content Strategy Specialist
    A Content Strategy Specialist designs a firm’s content strategy based on overall business goals and customer needs. These creative professionals oversee content requirements and creation, conduct content audits and qualitative analysis, and create deliverables throughout a project lifecycle. They also monitor analytics to evaluate content in terms of outreach and engagement. (AA, BA/BS, 0-1 yr. Exp.)

  • Display Marketing/Advertising Manager/Director
    A Display Marketing Manager is in-charge of complex B2C campaigns that rely on display marketing and paid online social media platforms. They need a background in copywriting, creative development, data analytics, and strategy. They lead their team to develop campaigns, test alternative display campaigns, and optimize campaigns to improve performance. (BA/BS, 8+ yrs. Exp.)

    Display and Programmatic Specialist
    Display and Programmatic Specialists set up campaigns, optimize programmatic media campaigns, troubleshoot campaign issues, evaluate performance, and recommend ways to increase revenue. These specialists are knowledgeable about the digital media industry and multiple programmatic platforms which enable them to deliver actionable insights from data. (BA/BS, 3+ yrs. Exp.)

    Paid Search Manager
    A Paid Search Manager designs and implements pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and works with the marketing team to develop effective PPC strategies that drive traffic to a website or specific pages. They collaborate with in-house strategy leads and other cross-functional teams to develop and execute plans, collect and analyze data, and prepare reports. (AA, BA/BS, 3 yrs. Exp.)

    Paid Media Specialist
    A Paid Media Specialist handles the day-to-day activities related to paid digital marketing campaigns, which may include paid search, display, and social advertising in both B2B and B2C domains. They develop bidding strategies in key channels to maximize user acquisition and optimize media spending. (BA/BS, 3+ yrs. Exp.)

    Digital Designer
    Digital Designers own the entire design process from ideation to launch. They may design creative visuals for websites, computer-game graphics, or special effects for movies in various industries. They are proficient in a broad scope of multimedia applications and can conceptualize with writers and clients to produce powerful creatives. (BA/BS, MS, 1+ yrs. Exp.)

  • Social Media Marketing Manager/Director
    Social Media Marketing Managers establish the firm’s social media presence. They manage and optimize digital campaigns for paid and organic user acquisition across various social media platforms. They develop and execute strategies for improved performance and customer acquisition and retention. (BA/BS, MS, 5+ yrs. Exp.)

    Social Media Content Manager
    Social Media Content Managers develop content that is engaging, inclusive, creative, and devoted to customers. They plan and prepare content that would entice interest in brands, products, and services. They work with art directors, sales teams, finance staff, and social media analysts to develop engaging content strategies for social media. (BA/BS, 3+ yrs. Exp.)

    Social Media Coordinator
    Social Media Coordinators follow firm strategies to maintain a strong social media presence, increase web traffic, and improve customer engagement metrics. They are often tech-savvy individuals who communicate with clients and promote the company’s brand through social media channels. (BA/BS, 1+ yrs. Exp.)

    Social Media Analyst
    A Social Media Analyst integrates social media and other digital data to develop insights for the firm’s presence on social media. They have strong analytical skills to collect, clean, and analyze digital data for a timely reaction to issues and concerns that may affect a company’s image on social media platforms. (BA/BS, 1+ yrs. Exp.)

  • Influencer Partnership/Marketing Manager
    Influencer Marketing Managers oversee the end-to-end operations of a brand’s influencer marketing campaigns. They build a team of influencer partners for the brand, manage communications, and coordinate with internal and external teams to maximize the impact of influencer campaigns. They work with content developers to produce deliverables. (BA/BS, 2+ yrs. Exp.)

    Influencer Marketing Specialist/Associate/Coordinator/Assistant
    Influencer Marketing Specialists focus on influential people and opinion leaders who can impact large groups of potential buyers. These specialists execute influencer marketing projects across diverse channels. They also manage and create content for various social media accounts. (BA/BS, 0-2 yrs. Exp.)

  • Affiliate Marketing Manager/Director
    An Affiliate Marketing Manager handles business relationships between the firm and its marketing affiliates—those who earn a commission by promoting a product or service made by another retailer or advertiser. These managers design and execute strategies and tactics to enhance partnerships with affiliates, primarily in digital environments. (BA/BS, MS, 7+ yrs. Exp.)

    Affiliate Marketing Editor
    Affiliate Marketing Editors develop and tailor content for various audiences and platforms. They use analytical insights to understand how different consumers react to various content and how online readers discover new products. These editors have a combination of editorial and analytical skills and are knowledgeable about social media platforms and best practices. (BA/BS, 3+ yrs. Exp.)

    Affiliate Marketing Specialist/Analyst
    An Affiliate Marketing Specialist/Analyst develops affiliate partnerships, implements programs, and optimizes activities to improve outcomes. They maintain affiliate databases, monitor firm expenditures, and execute strategic marketing initiatives, and benchmark them against the industry. (BA/BS, 1-3 yrs. Exp.)