Sophomore Advising

säf(ə) môr/

What’s in a name, indeed: First years no more, you now proudly wear the moniker sophomore.

Derived in part from the Greek word sophos (“wise”), don’t be fooled by those who think that as sophomores, you have progressed to the stage of “wise fools” (a false etymology linking “sophomore” to the Greek word for “foolish”).

Rather, revel in the fact that you made it through—and hopefully excelled in—the rigors of your first year at the Gabelli School of Business! You’ve fought hard to get here and, along the way, learned many lessons about what being a college student involves, as well as what’s required to succeed.

In a twist of irony, your second year at Fordham is distinguished as a year of firsts. As sophomores, for the first time you will be immersed in two key experiences:

Integrated Business Core

Encompassing the very fields that inspired you to make the Gabelli School your home, sophomore year introduces a focused business path. In contrast to last year, you will live and breathe business, delving into the “core” of what makes businesses tick, including:

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Information systems
  • Business communication
  • Strategy

The integrated business core builds on the liberal arts insights cultivated through your first-year studies: critical thinking, critical reasoning, and an ability to consider the big picture into which these business disciplines fit. Rather than detailing the wisdom behind its design, we’ll let your fellow students explain why the Gabelli School’s integrated business core makes all the difference:



The core encourages self-reflection. As you experience each business area, you will develop a greater awareness and appreciation of not only who you are, but of who you want to be. Through this exploration, you can begin to think intelligently about your major and/or concentration, as well as the careers you may wish to pursue.


If first year is about getting it all down, sophomore year is about making it better.

Having surmounted the first year’s hurdles, you have the confidence and familiarity needed to go after the Jesuit principle of magis, the ongoing pursuit of “more,” or ever greater heights.

This is a great time to explore how you can transform yourself—and your Gabelli School of Business experience.

To facilitate this transformation, Fordham offers you a wealth of resources. Think about how you can use these to become “more”:

Meet Your Class Dean

Every sophomore should take the time to meet with me, your class dean, at least once per semester for a one-on-one advising session. To set up a meeting, log into your account or stop by the fourth floor of Hughes Hall for a walk-in. We can discuss “all things sophomore,” including:

Sophomore Advising Requirements

You’re not alone in this journey.

Based on the opportunities and challenges you will face this year, we have engineered a support system to help you reach the right destination. The sophomore advising program, a mix of required and optional events, will guide and encourage you throughout the year.

For more information, visit the Advising Requirements page.

PPD Planning

Tools left in a box are nothing more than metal shapes and weights; tools picked up and properly utilized, however, can transform dreams into reality.

To seek the magis, to be more, will require you to extend beyond your comfort zone, break from the routines developed as first years, and begin to take action.

You’re here for a reason—as sophomores, it’s time to explore and divine who you want to be and where you want to go: with your future studies and with your career aspirations.

Gabelli School students have a unique resource in this pursuit: the Personal and Professional Development Center, commonly known as PPD. Not to be confused with the University-wide Career Services team, located in the McGinley Center, PPD can be found on the third floor of Hughes Hall and is specific to the business school.

What sets PPD apart is the staff’s targeted knowledge of business and professional connections in the fields that comprise the Gabelli School experience. Sophomores who take the initiative to leverage PPD’s services will be in a much stronger position by senior year in planning their futures. Use PPD to help you find opportunities, open doors, and put your best self forward with one goal: to maximize your chances to find and win internships today and jobs tomorrow.

Visit the PPD webpage for more information.

Your Next Step

Are you ready to take the initiative? It starts today, with your academic career. With all of the above in mind, be sure to visit the helpful links below regarding the Gabelli School’s curriculum and advising requirements.

I look forward to working with and getting to know each of you!

Megan Decker
Assistant Dean for Sophomores

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