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Educational Leadership

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Programs within Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy prepare future administrators, supervisors, principals, superintendents and other leaders in public and nonpublic schools and church settings.

The programs develop educators and trainers for other settings such as business, industry, government, hospitals, museums and libraries.

Application deadlines vary. Please check the program of interest for dates.

Master's Programs

Administration and Supervision

Prepares students for leadership responsibilities and positions such as principal, supervisor, department chair, assistant principal, etc.

Catholic Educational Leadership (in-person or online)

Prepares students for students looking to develop their knowledge and skills for a leadership role in education on many levels.

Educational Leadership, Accelerated Master's

Graduates are prepared for positions as school building leaders, such as principal, supervisor, department chair, assistant principal, etc.

Doctoral Programs

Administration and Supervision (Ph.D. program)

Church and Non-Public School Leadership

Builds skills for Catholic education leadership: spirituality; high creativity and imagination; and exceptionally global in thought and action.

Administration and Supervision (Ed.D. program)

Our doctoral program (to be renamed: Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Administration and Policy [ELAP] Program) is designed to prepare transformative leaders, who are equity-minded problem solvers and designers of innovative solutions and use scholarly inquiry to improve schools, districts and communities for all children.

Doctor of Education Online (Ed.D. Online)

The online Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership, Administration and Policy is designed to prepare transformative leaders in K–12 education. Students in the online Ed.D. program become equipped with the skills needed to fill leadership positions that improve education for all children, specifically those in marginalized or underserved communities.

Advanced Certificate Program

School District Leadership

Enables students to work in leadership positions in New York at the school district level in leadership positions.

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