Emerging Markets in South Africa

IPED Africa Group MD

In this class students are trained to improve their investment analyses and financial decision-making skills by studying macroeconomic indicators, foreign exchange rates, and stock markets.

Students will collect and analyze economic and financial data on South Africa and compare it with similar data on other emerging markets as well as more established markets. At the end of the course students will attempt to determine the prospects for US equity investment in South Africa or another emerging market. Students will be assigned to five teams that can meet in the evenings, Monday through Thursday, to complete their assignments.

Site Visits and Excursions

Students will also have the opportunity to interact with South African and US business, labor and government representatives. The visits complement the data and theories students learn in class and help them put these into practice. Most afternoons and Fridays are used for academic field trips. There are also weekend excursions.


Graduate students or undergraduate students able to participate in graduate-level classes are welcome to join through a competitive selection process.


  • April: Application and interview
  • August: Program in South Africa

Financial Aid

Through Fordham’s St. Campion Institute, scholarships are available to students committed to applying for prestigious international fellowships such as Chartered Financial Analyst Scholarships, US Presidential Management Fellowships, and Fulbright Fellowships, among others.

Selection Criteria

Successful students must be in good academic standing, preferably 3.5 or above. Preference will be given to students who, based on their behavioral interview, demonstrate a strong motivation to study emerging markets and possess excellent interpersonal skills, effective leadership skills, and proven cultural sensitivity. Preference is also given to students who seek to use this experience to prepare for a relevant international prestigious fellowship.