Information Systems

Know of a leading business or startup that can succeed without technology?

We challenge you to find one.

You cannot escape technology today. So, make it work for your career and your company. Information systems is worth taking for all business students, no matter what their major.

Fordham is the place to do it: New York City has been dubbed “New Tech City” by the media for its astonishing growth in tech companies and jobs.

All Gabelli School students receive an introduction to information systems in the core curriculum. Many accounting, finance and marketing majors realize the wisdom of taking information systems electives to gain technical skills that set them apart.

For students who want to go even further—envisioning themselves as CIOs or heads of business technology — the curriculum offers preparation for the highest-level jobs. The faculty recently revised the information systems program to give students the knowledge and skills they need for today’s growth areas of business.

Students can choose courses from three career-oriented tracks: 

Business administration majors can pursue a primary or secondary concentration in information systems.

Students in any other major can grab employers’ attention by pursuing courses of their choice, such as:

  • Web Applications Design and Development
  • Mobile Commerce and Applications
  • Global IT Strategy and Management
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Web Analytics

Because, don’t forget — combining information systems with a finance major, marketing major or accounting major can be a powerful way to unlock doors to jobs.