Investment Banking Society at Fordham

Advisor: James McCann, Lecturer in Finance; [email protected]
Email: [email protected]


The Investment Banking Society at Fordham (IBSF) is a student organization that provides students with a platform to succeed in the investment banking industry. IBSF strives to provide mentorship to the general member body in light of the executive board's experience in the industry and understanding of the rigorous investment-banking recruiting season.

IBSF was created to guide students through the recruiting process while building a foundation of industry knowledge through its extensive database of investment banking resources. IBSF has a mission to pave the way for students who might be lost in the process otherwise.

With a board of mentors who have successfully entered the industry, IBSF takes an interactive approach to aiding students interested in following in their footsteps. IBSF believes that quality mentorship and resources can result in success for any member who is willing to utilize them to his or her advantage.

Recent sources of speakers and recruiting partners

Brooks, Houghton & Co.
Guggenheim Partners
J.P. Morgan
Petsky Prunier
RBC Capital Markets