Students for Fair Trade

Advisor: Erik Rengifo Minaya
Email[email protected]

Overview: Students for Fair Trade promotes a social justice approach to business and commerce. The club seeks to educate Fordham students about the impact that their consumer choices may have on impoverished producers and laborers in the developing world, and advocates for the purchase of fair trade products, or those that are produced in ethical, safe, and fair working environments. In addition, Students for Fair Trade raises awareness about the realities of poverty, hunger, and other social problems throughout the world that may be alleviated through a more equitable free market system of trade and cultural exchange.

Every day millions of our brothers and sisters throughout the world are forced to face the evils of extreme poverty. Among them are beautifully gifted artisans who work hard to fashion stunning, handmade works of art. Often times, however, the fruits of their labor are left either unsold or undersold, resulting in a cycle of unfair business practices and economic disadvantage.

We can, however, reverse this injustice. Fair trade organizations, including the Fordham's Students for Fair Trade, work directly with artisans to provide a Western market for their products. They are paid fair prices that cover the costs of production and help increase living standards. In return, the artisans structure their businesses in the spirit of gender equality, transparency, accountability, and environmental sustainability.