EDGE Program

Overview: The Empowered Decisions Guarantee Excellence (EDGE) program provides local high school students with SAT preparation and instruction in math and writing, courtesy of Gabelli School of Business student-volunteer teachers. The cooperative learning environment that EDGE offers is made possible by the efforts and dedication of its volunteers, members, supporters and students.

EDGE takes a holistic approach to helping students to prepare for the SAT exam and acquire fundamentals of math and writing. Each spring semester, the program exposes high school students to SAT test-taking strategies as well as various topics at the first-year college level, from algebra to logic problems. In the following fall semester, those students receive guidance from EDGE tutors as they prepare and complete their college applications. This typically encompasses support in:

  • Choosing schools to apply to
  • Organizing important due dates and deadlines
  • Applying for scholarships
  • Editing résumés
  • Creating extracurricular-activity sheets

EDGE’s current top priority is to create a personalized curriculum to maximize learning effectiveness, in which all EDGE lectures are tailored to the needs and goals of each individual student. To achieve this goal, EDGE admits only high school students who display commitment and dedication and who take initiative in challenging themselves.