GSB Undergraduate Dean’s Council

The Gabelli School of Business Undergraduate Dean’s Council provides a forum for discussion between students, faculty members, and administrators. Its purpose is to voice concerns about and make suggestions to improve the academic experience, increase participation in undergraduate research among students, and act as a resource for the Gabelli School of Business.

Members of the Undergraduate Dean’s Council come from across the disciplines, bringing their knowledge and guidance to leadership roles and a variety of subcommittees. Below is an overview of Undergraduate Dean’s Council members, the subcommittees or functions they oversee, and their reasons for getting involved.

Serving on the GSB Undergraduate Dean’s Council is a way to make a difference at the Gabelli School, cultivate new relationships, and network. It also serves as a great opportunity to enhance your résumé and increase your marketability. Interested in learning more?  Email: [email protected] 

GSB Undergraduate Dean’s Council Members
(2023-2024 Academic Year)


Catie Flores

Catie Flores – Chair, GSB Undergraduate Dean’s Council

Major: Finance
Hometown: Edmond, OK

My name is Catie Flores, and I am a junior at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business, studying finance. I joined the Undergraduate Dean’s Council to create a tangible impact for GSB students and to be a voice for every student. I am honored to be the chair of the  Undergraduate Dean’s Council this year, and I hope to make a lasting impact for my peers.

Edwin Hess

Edwin Hess – Co-chair, GSB Undergraduate Dean’s Council

Major: Finance
Hometown: Houston, TX

My name is Edwin Hess, and I am a junior at the Gabelli School, majoring in finance. When I came to Fordham, I felt like the Dean’s Council was the place where I could have an impact on the School’s community and help students to reach their career goals.


Subcommittee Leadership

Academic Subcommittee

The Academic Subcommittee of the Undergraduate Dean's Council is composed of students who are driven and dedicated to improving the Gabelli School of Business experience. The Subcommittee receives feedback from the student body on issues regarding curriculum and works alongside the dean and associate deans to implement change.

Corri Villany

Corri Villany – Co-head, Academic Subcommittee

Major: Finance
Hometown: Colts Neck, NJ

Hi! My name is Corri Villany. I joined the Undergraduate Dean's Council in the spring of my freshman year, because I was referred to the club by an upperclassman, and I wanted the opportunity to cultivate an improved academic experience.


Eden Kavanagh

Eden Kavanagh– Co-head, Academic Subcommittee

Major: Information Systems
Minors: Global Business, and Process & Quality Analytics
Hometown: Lake Forest, IL

My name is Eden Kavanagh and I joined the Undergraduate Dean’s Council when I realized I wanted to become more than a student on campus. The Dean’s Council was a way that I could serve and lead within our business community. I'm passionate about our school and love the opportunity to consistently improve the holistic experience. An added reason why I've stayed with the Dean’s Council is that the students who make up this group are some of the kindest and brightest. Being a member has benefited me greatly as I participate in this community.



Community and Integration Subcommittee

The Community and Integration Subcommittee was recently created by combining the Transfer Subcommittee and the Commuter Subcommittees. It now encompasses all types of students within the Gabelli School—particularly those who have not had the traditional college experience—such as transfer and commuter students. The goal of the Subcommittee is to truly make all students feel welcome each day, and to emphasize the importance of integrating every student into the Gabelli School community in order to enhance the experience for all.

The Community and Integration Subcommittee holds multiple events each semester, including social events that allow students to branch out and meet new people, and panel discussions that provide students who haven't had traditional college experiences, to offer their advice on how to take advantage of all of the opportunities the Gabelli School has to offer. Additionally, our committee works behind the scenes with the Office for Student Involvement and with clubs such as CSA, to better structure student clubs and to work to make Fordham University an overall better place for commuters and transfer students. We are so excited to see what the future holds for the Community and Integration subcommittee!


Paige Barcus

Paige Barcus – Co-head, Community and Integration Subcommittee

Major: Finance
Hometown: West Chester, PA

My name is Paige Barcus, and I am a senior who is studying finance. After transferring to the Gabelli School during the first semester of my sophomore year, I was really looking for a community in which I could actively get involved, while simultaneously working to better the School. The Undergraduate Dean's Council was, and is, this community for me. I felt as though being on the Dean's Council would help me grow as a person and allow me to make a positive impact on those students—such as transfers and commuters—who haven't had a traditional college experience. My time thus far on the Council has been wonderful, and being subcommittee co-head has allowed me to grow my leadership skills and overall involvement in the Gabelli School. I am looking forward to my final year!

Maria Narvaez

Maria Narvaez – Co-head, Community and Integration Subcommittee

Major: Marketing
Hometown: Bronx, NY

My name is Maria Narvaez, and I joined the Undergraduate Dean’s Council because I wanted to help create a positive experience at the Gabelli School, and make all Gabelli students feel included and accepted throughout their academic journey. 



Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, and Belonging Subcommittee

The Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, and Belonging (DEIB) Subcommittee works on DEI-focused concerns and initiatives within Gabelli School's curriculum, strategy, and community. As a subcommittee, we are committed to improving DEI policy, addressing student concerns, and creating a more inclusive and educated community at the Gabelli School and the University as a whole.


Kristyanna Toribio

Kristyanna Toribio – Head, Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, and Belonging Subcommittee

Major: Accounting Information Systems
Hometown: Dumont, NJ

I joined Dean's Council, because I want to make tangible changes and improvements to the School and my own Fordham experience. I felt that this was the organization to be a part of in order to accomplish this alongside my passion for DEI initiatives.



Marketing Subcommittee

The Marketing Subcommittee is a group of students dedicated to producing creative content that promotes communications and events on behalf of the Undergraduate Dean's Council.


Eleni Konstantellis

Eleni Konstantellis – Head, Marketing Committee

Major: Marketing
Concentration:  Marketing Analytics
Minor: Mathematics  
Mahwah, NJ

I want to leave the Gabelli School of Business better than when I began my studies here, and so I figured… what better way to do that than through working with the deans themselves alongside other like-minded individuals!



Mentorship Subcommittee

The Mentorship Subcommittee provides Gabelli School of Business students with opportunities to expand their network with fellow peers and professionals. The Committee aims to foster connections within the Fordham community between students, faculty members, and administrators that will provide meaningful guidance for the future. 

Hayley Troy

Hayley Troy – Head, Mentorship Committee

Major: Finance
Hometown: Wethersfield, CT

My name is Hayley Troy, and I am a junior at the Gabelli School of Business, majoring in Finance. I joined the Undergraduate Dean’s Council to positively impact the Gabelli School community and to provide further opportunities for my peers.



Outreach Subcommittee

The Outreach Subcommittee is dedicated to building partnerships between the Gabelli School of Business, local businesses, and nonprofit organizations.


Chloe Mathewson

Chloe Mathewson – Co-head, Outreach Committee

Major: Business Administration
Hometown: Verona, NJ

I joined the Undergraduate Dean’s Council in the hopes of being the bridge between students and administration, as well as expanding students’ access to our greater NYC community. 


Danny Vadon

Danny Vadon – Co-head, Outreach Committee

Major: Finance
Hometown: Middletown, NJ

I joined the Undergraduate Dean’s Council to work with the Gabelli School of Business dean and associate deans to increase the School’s involvement with our local community.