Smart Woman Securities

Advisor: Professor Rosa Romeo
Email: [email protected]

Who we are:
Smart Woman Securities is a nonprofit organization focused on investment education for undergraduate women. Participants build their knowledge of financial markets through seminars, one-on-one mentoring, hands-on portfolio management, and meetings with successful investors, including a trip to meet Warren Buffett at his headquarters in Omaha. The group’s primary mission is to provide opportunities for women, but men are welcome to participate in any SWS

Mission statement:
SWS seeks to provide undergraduate women with the skills necessary to make investment decisions through market education, exposure to industry professionals and real-world financial experience.

What we do:
SWS gives young women the skills to manage an investment portfolio, handle risk and take responsibility for their financial decisions. Student candidates for membership go through an extensive training program in which they gain market knowledge, develop analytical and research skills and learn SWS investing principles. After training, members conduct research on individual companies within an industry and offer strategic recommendations to the chapter’s Investment Board, which manages the portfolio. Industry professionals serve as mentors, provide market insights and offer assistance in the training program, but students ultimately make the investment decisions. Members who demonstrate a command of financial markets and investment strategies may be selected to the Investment Board. SWS’s comprehensive programs give members a deeper understanding of the risks and rewards of investing.