Center for Educational Partnerships Tutoring

Group shot of students from the Center for Educational Partnerships tutoring program

Fordham University’s Graduate School of Education, through the Center for Educational Partnerships, provides tutoring to both elementary and secondary students in literacy and mathematics as well as in Regents subjects.

The Center for Educational Partnerships tutors exclusively at our two Community Schools, Middle School 331 and Public School 85, through the Center's Community Schools Partnership Program.

How the Program Works

  • Fordham students (particularly in STEM areas) work at the host school for three hours (split into approximately 80-minute sessions) on Saturday mornings.
  • Fordham provides on-site supervision for the implementation of this program.
  • Fordham staff developers train the tutors in program constructs, program goals, curriculum, Common Core Learning Standards and shifts. Fordham also provides tutors with samples of last year’s NY State exam questions and Regents exams.
  • At the end of each tutoring session, the students complete an exit slip, responding to the question, “What can I do now that I didn’t know before?” Fordham tutors then complete the bottom of the exit slip as to observed behaviors and the strategies they observed the students using.