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Graduate IPED Student Learning Goals

IPED Student Learning Goals

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The Graduate Program in International Political Economy and Development (IPED) is committed to achieving the following learning outcomes for all our students by the time of their graduation.

  1. All IPED students will be able to:
    1. conduct independent analysis, using tools and methods appropriate to economics, political science and econometrics,
    2. analyze large amounts of information, formulate supportable conclusions, and communicate their findings in a clear and persuasive manner, and
    3. demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the global economy from both an economic and political perspective, as well as from a practical professional field experience.
  2. Additionally, students, depending on their specialization, will be prepared to pursue the following international professional careers:
    1. financial analyst or management consultant (economist) in the private international financial sector,
    2. economist (international , development, or environmental/resource) in the international public sector, or
    3. project manager/administrator in the non-profit international humanitarian sector.

IPED Student Learning Indicators

The Graduate Program in International Political Economy and Development (IPED) monitors our students’ success in achieving learning goal 1 through the IPED Comprehensive Examination. We monitor our students’ success in obtaining practical professional field experience through the annual publication of our summer professional placements in Summer Ventures. And we monitor our students’ success in achieving learning goal 2 through our annual Survey of Alumni Placement.

It is the primary responsibility of our Core IPED Faculty to evaluate our students’ performance on the IPED Comprehensive Examinations each semester. Their evaluation is ultimately guided by the IPED Council which is the governing board of the IPED Program. It is the primary responsibility of the IPED Council to evaluate our students’ summer professional placements as well as our alumni placement on an annual basis. The IPED Director, assisted by the IPED Program Manager, is responsible for the day to day management of our continuous process of monitoring and evaluation.