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Creative, persuasive, and insightful? Think marketing.

Billboards at Times Square - LGWhat is a product? Is it an object you hold in your hand? Can it be a financial instrument, ream of data, creative concept, or political idea? All of the above. Organizations in banking, securities trading, technology, charity, government, the media, healthcare, education and politics all market their products. As a marketing major at Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business, you’ll learn how to make messages that move products—no matter what they are.

We designed the marketing major for creative thinkers with broad interests—key characteristics for success in the field. You’ll study the how and the why of consumer buying habits through economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, statistics, and mathematics. You’ll study distribution, pricing, and preparation of goods and services. And you’ll develop the communications tools you need to reach people.

Our program is loaded with opportunities to apply the concepts you learn. The leadership program brings marketing executives to Fordham to work with you on everything from case studies to job fairs. You can travel to Kenya in our Fair Trade course to meet artisans and manufacturers whose products you’ll market and sell in the U.S.

The Gabelli School of Business is considered one of the top business schools in the U.S. for a reason. (For a lot of reasons.) Our dual core curriculum—half business, half liberal arts—makes Fordham business graduates unique: knowledgeable about global commerce, but also keenly aware of the human factor in every deal. We want you to excel in your field—and as a human being.

  • As a marketing major, you take 10 classes—a mix of required and elective courses in marketing, plus two electives in business or liberal arts.

    There are four tracks:

    • Market Research
    • Product Management
    • Advertising
    • International

    We also offer a cutting-edge concentration in marketing with a focus on consumer insight, where you’ll parse the why of consumer buying habits through marketing, psychology, sociology, and anthropology.


    World-class internships at top global companies in every industry are just a subway ride away. Most Gabelli students graduate with multiple internships on their résumés. Companies include:

    • Goldman Sachs
    • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
    • KPMG
    • Ernst & Young
    • MTV/Viacom
    • Lord & Taylor

    More than 75 percent of Gabelli graduates who got job offers before graduation reported that their internship led directly to the full-time spot.

    Our Marketing Leadership Program is a complete slate of career-preparation activities and seminars tailored for juniors and seniors ready for a job in marketing. We offer:

    • Leadership forums led by professional marketers
    • Practitioner workshops focused on real-world case studies
    • Professional development workshops covering everything from landing internships to effective networking
    • Individual coaching and advising sessions with the department’s dedicated pre-professional advisor, Gina Hill LoBasso
    • Marketing mentoring program that provides a full year of professional guidance

    Travel to Kenyan villages to meet the artisans and producers whose merchandise you’ll market in the United States as part of the Fair Trade course. You’ll write marketing plans, connect Kenyan small businesses with American consumers, and sell their products both online and in shops—everything from chocolate bars to soapstone carvings.

    Study Abroad

    Take your coursework global through Fordham’s International and Study Abroad Program. Fordham has connections with more than 150 programs in universities all over the world, including Germany, China, Turkey, Argentina, and the Gabelli London satellite campus.

    Honor Society

    We host a chapter of the American Marketing Association’s national marketing honor society for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral marketing students, and marketing faculty.

  • Consumer Behavior
    Integrated Marketing Communications
    Global Marketing
    Marketing in Pacific Rim
    Marketing Administration
    Entertainment Marketing
    Data-Driven Marketing
    Sports Marketing

  • You’ll graduate with a marketing degree well prepared for a range of careers in:

    • Advertising
    • Brand and product management
    • Direct and interactive marketing
    • Market research
    • Marketing careers in service industries
    • Public relations
    • Retailing
    • Sales and sales management

    Our career services tap Fordham’s ties with more than 3,500 companies. We offer:

    • Post-graduation career search
    • Resume development, Interviewing practice
    • Networking skill development
    • Hands-on case-study sessions with industry executives
    • Field-specific advising/coaching

    You also get access to our powerful (and Fordham-loyal) network of alumni, who want to see you succeed as they have.

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