First-Year Advising

Welcome to your first year at the Gabelli School of Business. This year, you will be introduced to myriad new topics, concepts, and ideas that will start your journey of understanding who you are, who you want to become, and what you believe. Here at the Gabelli School, you have a wide range of support to help you on this journey.

As you participate in the first-year advising program, you will learn more about college life, Gabelli School curricular requirements, and options for your future. During your first year, you should take time to learn about the majors, concentrations, minors, and other academic programs available to you. We hope you take advantage of all the opportunities you have. Ask questions, participate in advising programs, and get involved in clubs and activities. Connect with your fellow first-years, with upperclassmen, and with me, as your class dean. I am here to help you with all aspects of your first-year experience.

All Gabelli School first-years are required to participate in orientation and in first-year advising, which carries a pass/fail grade based on participation. Both of these programs are designed to deliver information crucial to future success.

During the summer before the first year at the Gabelli School of Business, entering students will participate in the GABELLI SMART summer engagement program. Students will be placed into groups called neighborhoods, which are composed of about 20 students. In the summer, the neighborhoods will receive mentorship from a Gabelli School resource team made up of an academic advisor, upperclass student mentors, alumni advocates, a faculty mentor, and a professional development advisor. Students will engage in weekly, synchronous sessions with their resource team. The summer experience will culminate with a neighborhood project. The neighborhoods will remain intact throughout the academic year for consistent advising and support.    

In addition to these mandatory programs, the Gabelli School offers worthwhile events throughout the academic year—some run by the dean’s office, some run by the Personal and Professional Development Center, and some run by student organizations. Each of these events offers a new way to expand your knowledge of and develop your interest in one or more industries. Event listings are online at, and the calendar for the week ahead is emailed to you every Friday.

Other resources available to Fordham first-year include programs focused on service and justice, global discovery, leadership development, and spiritual discernment. These University-wide programs offer a chance to meet your peers in Fordham College, too.

Any first-year who would like to have a one-on-one meeting with me can use GabelliAccess to make an appointment. These individual advising sessions are not required, but they are an ideal way to get specific questions answered and begin mapping out possible majors and career paths.

I look forward to working with each of you over the next few years.

Betsy Parr
Assistant Dean for First-Years
Hughes Hall, Room 416
[email protected]


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