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Undergraduate Degree Programs

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Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies (PCS) is home to Fordham’s bachelor degree students who are also engaged with family and career responsibilities.

Degree Requirements

The PCS bachelor’s degree requires completion of 124 credits, 75 of which may be accepted as transfer credit. Included in these 75 can be credits earned through several prior learning options.

Core Curriculum

At the root of the bachelor’s degree is the core curriculum, which ensures that each PCS student will graduate with a broad knowledge base, quantitative and analytical skills, and the ability to present ideas, both verbally and in writing, with clarity and conviction.

Undergraduate Majors

PCS offers a broad range of majors that can be completed through evening, weekend, and online classes. Students can choose from a broad list of majors:
*Major courses available only at Westchester Campus.

Additional majors may be available to applicants who are able to enroll in some day classes at either Lincoln Center or Rose Hill. For a list of these programs please see our day majors.