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Information Systems

STEM Program

It’s one thing to graduate from an information systems program with technical knowledge.
It’s quite another to graduate with vision.

It takes a lot of technically proficient IS professionals to design and maintain the systems that drive e-commerce, cloud computing, and big data. But ultimately companies are looking for people who also get the big picture.

How can technology be used to innovate business models?

Where are the biggest opportunities for technological disruption?

Which trends will deliver lasting value to the bottom line?

At the Gabelli School, we give students the economic and business context they need to answer those questions and take a leadership role in IS. Graduates of our Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) program are well-positioned not only to enter this field, but also to grow into management roles at top companies.

Full-time and part-time options

The MSIS has two schedule choices:

  • A one-year full-time program
  • A part-time program spread over a longer time frame, ideal for professionals who don’t want to leave their jobs while they pursue the degree

MSIS overview

The Gabelli School MSIS provides skills in:

  • Digital innovation strategy
  • Data management, including database design and implementation, and data warehousing
  • Data mining and data analytics, including big data management
  • Documenting systems requirements and translating those requirements into design
  • Project management
  • IT security management
  • IT network management
  • IT applications to specific industries
  • Accounting information systems

The Gabelli School edge

Gabelli School MSIS graduates hit the job market with a keen understanding of the transformational role of technology and all the skills needed to find and exploit value opportunities for organization

Ideal candidates

Our MSIS program is designed for students who are interested in exploring the intersection of technology and business.

If you’re fascinated by big data, cloud computing, digital product development, or e-commerce, this degree would be a good fit. A tech background is not necessary, but it’s helpful to have a basic awareness of the role of IS in supporting organizational processes and strategy.

Leadership intelligence

No matter the industry or role you choose, mastering leadership skills will help you achieve your professional goals. The Leadership Intelligence Certification ™ prepares you to be an effective leader by helping you identify your leadership style, practice solving real problems, target your strengths, and build personal connections.