Media Management

All kinds of people become media professionals.
Gabelli School graduates become media leaders.

New York City is the media capital of the world, with a wealth of opportunity to make your mark on the industry. Whether you’re already working in media, making the transition from another career, or seeking to enter the field at a higher level than you would with a bachelor’s degree, New York—and the Gabelli School of Business—is the place to be.

The city’s high-level, high-stakes media environment also means more competition—especially when it comes to moving into leadership positions in media companies. Those jobs demand more than mere knowledge of digital, social, and traditional media. They also require a background in business.

The Gabelli School’s Master of Science in Media Management (MSMM) program produces the kind of candidate that companies seek to fill their top roles. The degree gives graduates an advantage over their peers in the form of management training, and it offers the broad business context you can only get when studying alongside students concentrating in finance, marketing, management, and other disciplines.

Whether you’re first entering the media field or setting your sights on a more senior position, the Gabelli School MSMM will help you to do more than land a job in media. You’ll develop a career.

Full-time and part-time options

The MSMM has two schedule choices:

  • A one-year full-time program.
  • A part-time program spread over two years—ideal for professionals who don’t want to leave their jobs while they pursue the degree

MSMM overview

The MS in Media Management prepares students for careers in both traditional and new media industries, while emphasizing innovation, leadership, public relations, marketing, brand strategy, entrepreneurship, social media, and product development.

The Gabelli School edge

With our campus in the heart of Manhattan, and courses taught by leading media executives, you’ll find yourself interacting with industry leaders on a daily basis. As any Gabelli School graduate will tell you, those connections are the key to getting a job in this competitive, relationship-oriented field. Whether you’re shadowing a media buyer at a global advertising agency, interviewing a television producer at a national network, or getting to know a new-media entrepreneur over coffee, you’ll experience true immersion in the world of media management.

Ideal candidates

The MSMM is ideal for anyone who is excited by the possibility of working in the rapidly expanding media and entertainment industries. Even financial-services professionals can use this degree to gain a thorough understanding of the media and entertainment industries where their companies’ money is invested. Applicants can hold bachelor’s degrees in any field—business, the liberal arts, science, or the social sciences—and it is possible to be admitted without prior work experience. Experienced and non-experienced candidates can tailor the MSMM to their needs through their choices of coursework.