Co-Curricular Experiences

What you do beyond your academics matters. We want to know the ways in which you are engaging with the world around you. Your co-curricular experiences speak to what you value, and what you spend your time doing beyond your classes. Whatever you’re doing, whatever is important to you, we want to hear about it.

What you do beyond your academics is what makes you, well, you!

How you spend your time tells your story—and we want to hear it! Whether you spend time working at your job, commuting two hours each way to go to high school, leading a club or sports team, working behind the scenes to make sure your school’s play has lights and sounds, or watching your younger siblings every afternoon after school, these experiences make up your life. Perhaps you kept your club meetings going over Zoom even after your school shut down. It all matters, no matter where or how it happens!

We’re not just looking for students who are academically prepared to engage in a transformational Jesuit education. We’re looking for people who will transform our community and the world for the better. That means we are hoping to bring in a class made up of students who have had distinct and different experiences. We look forward to hearing all about yours.