International Banking and Finance

International Banking and Finance Group

The course of studies for the specialization in International Banking and Finance is open to all students accepted into the IPED program. Students interested in careers as financial analysts are urged to prepare for and take the examination for designation as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Fordham IPED students frequently get scholarships to help pay for the cost of preparing for and taking the CFA examination.

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Those interested about recent trends in finance can watch videos from the CFA Society New York, curated especially for the IPED program.

  • First Year of Study
    Fall Semester
    The first semester of studies will provide you with a rigorous foundation at the graduate level to do economic, political and quantitative analysis.

    1. Economic Analysis (or an elective if you have intermediate level micro and macroeconomics)
    2. Comparative Political Analysis or Analysis of International Politics
    3. Applied Econometrics
    4. Financial Analysis

    Students who lack a background in accounting should also take the short course Project Accounting (1 credit). A more substantial accounting course, Fundamentals of Accounting, is available in the Business school and may be taken during the summer.

    Spring Semester
    Studies global economic relations from both an economics and a political science perspective. It also provides the student with a solid foundation in international banking and global finance.

    1. International Economic Policy
    2. Politics of Global Economic Relations
    3. Global Financial Markets
    4. Domestic and International Banking

    Allows a student to gain practical experience through an internship and complete up to two electives. If not completed during the summer, the internship and/or the electives may be done during the following fall semester. An internship with an international firm in New York is strongly recommended.

    1. Internship
    2. Maximum of two electives

    Students interested in emerging markets may wish to spend the summer participating in our Emerging Markets Travel Program.

    Students who wish to obtain the Advanced Certificate in Emerging Markets and Country Risk Analysis must use their two summer electives to take the Political Risk Analysis and Emerging Markets. Emerging Markets is offered both in New York in July and overseas in South Africa in August.

    Second Year of Study
    Fall Semester
    Students normally take advanced courses related to international banking and finance chosen from either the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences or the Graduate School of Business Administration.

    1. Elective
    2. Elective
    3. Prepare for and take the Comprehensive Examination

    Students who wish to obtain the Advanced Certificate in Financial Econometrics and Data Analysis must use one of their fall electives to take Algorithms and Data Analysis.

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