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Italian Summer Courses

ITAL 1001 L11 Introduction to Italian I
Session I, May 29-June 28, 2018
Lincoln Center: MTWTh, 12-4 p.m.

An intensive introductory course that focuses on the four skills: speaking, reading, writing, and listening, providing students with a basic knowledge of Italian linguistic structures, vocabulary, and culture, which, studied interdependently, comprise the Italian language. From this summer class, Fordham students continue on to ITAL 1501. Lab fee. (Coreq: Two-hour lab per week). ITAL 1001 L11 syllabus.

CRN: Cancelled
5 credits

ITAL 1502 R11 Intermediate Italian II
Session I, May 29-June 28, 2018
Rose Hill: TWTh, 9 a.m.-Noon

Review of grammar. Intensive practice in conversation and composition. Reading and discussion of literary texts. ITAL 1502 continues and amplifies the work of ITAL 1501. Conducted in Italian. Lab fee. (Prereq: Intermediate Italian I or placement; Coreq: One-hour lab per week or instructor's recommendation). ITAL 1502 R11 syllabus.

CRN: 10091
Instructor: Perricone
3 credits

ITAL 2001 R21 Italian Language and Literature
Session II, July 5-August 6, 2018
Rose Hill: TWTh, 9 a.m.-Noon *Please note that this course will also meet for one make-up class on Monday, July 9 and for the final exam on Monday, August 6.*

A critical analysis of selected cultural and literary texts; composition, conversation, and review of pertinent grammatical structures. Lab fee. (Prereq: Intermediate Italian II or placement; Coreq: Lab work upon instructor's recommendation)

CRN: 10248
Instructor: Giupponi
3 credits

MLAL 3203 L11 Dante and His Translators
Session I, May 29-June 28, 2018
Rose Hill: MTWTh, 1-4 p.m.

Close reading and analysis of texts in preparation for exploring diverse possible renderings into English or into Italian. A variety of texts from narrative to historical and journalistic prose will be examined from contemporary sources. Fulfills the advanced literature requirement of Fordham's core curriculum requirement.

CRN: Cancelled
4 credits