African and African-American Studies Summer Courses

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HIST 1600 L11 - Understanding Historical Change: Africa
Summer Session I, May 30 - June 29, 2023
Lincoln Center: TWTh, 01:00PM - 04:00PM

Introduction to the political, social, economic, and institutional history of Africa.

CRN: 14811

Instructor: Idris, Amir
3 credits

Fordham course attributes: AFAM, GLBL, HC, INST, IPE, ISAF, MEST, PJRC, PJST

ECON 4025 V11 - Bronx Urban Economic Development
Summer Session I, May 30 - June 29, 2023
Online: MTWTh, 01:00PM - 04:00PM

The course will use economics, urban studies, and social service policy to examine economic, political, and social issues that impact the local Bronx community. Topics covered will include budgetary policy, education policy, community development, and investment, and university/neighborhood relations, among others.

CRN: 14874

Instructor: Combs, Mary Beth
4 credits

Fordham course attributes: AFAM, ICC, PJEC, PJST, URST

ENGL 4228 V11 - Black Protest from Slavery to #BlackLivesMatter
Summer Session I, May 30 - June 29, 2023
Online: MTWTh, 06:00PM - 09:00PM

This course will consider the canon of African American literature through an expansive definition of protest. We will examine how the meaning of protest has evolved from the 18th century to the present. As we interrogate the relationship between Blackness and protest, we will also discuss how that history has consistently shaped American identity.

CRN: 14895

Instructor: Tyler, Dennis
4 credits

Fordham course attributes: ACUP, ADVD, AFAM, AMST, APPI, ASLT, COLE, NRJ, EP4, PJRC, PJST, VAL

Classes listed as either Lincoln Center or Rose Hill will meet on-campus only. Classes listed as "Online" during Session I or II will meet synchronously online during their scheduled meeting times. Students in different time zones should plan accordingly. Session III online courses are asynchronous (exceptions are noted in course descriptions).

Hybrid courses will meet in person on campus at the times indicated; additional online work will also be required.