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Organizational Leadership Summer Courses

Classes listed as "online" during Session I or II will meet synchronously online during a portion of their scheduled meeting times with additional coursework to be completed asynchronously. Session III online courses are all asynchronous (exceptions are noted in course descriptions).

Hybrid courses will meet in person on campus; however, the university will continue to implement the Flexible Hybrid Learning Environment to keep the community safe and allow for the possibility of remote attendance as necessary.

Fordham students please check courses in for the most accurate Attribute listings.

ORGL 2200 L21 - Transforming Managers Into Inspired Leaders
Session II, July 6 - August 5, 2021
Lincoln Center, Hybrid: MTWTh, 10 a.m. - Noon

This course will take an integrative view of the organization’s transformation, detailing which capabilities are most critical to success while providing key references to what defines the roles of leaders and how managers can acquire and develop leadership skills. There will be a focus on how managers are able to creatively innovate, inspire, and engage people to adapt to fast-paced transformation and minimize the risk of failure.

CRN: 12710
Instructor: Politzer
4 credits

ORGL 2210 PW1 - Ethical Decision Making for Leadership
Session III, June 1 - August 5, 2021
Online, Asynchronous

Focuses on basic ethical viewpoints as a foundation and examines specific characteristics of business life through cases and examples. The fact that there is not one universal set of behaviors one considers ethical and no guidelines to follow to determine ethical behavior poses unique challenges to contemporary leaders. Yet, leaders are faced with situations where individual values may conflict with those of teams or organizations. Topics include professional responsibility and loyalty, conflict of interest, and employee rights, personal integrity and critical thinking in decision making.

CRN: 12833
Instructor: Bigaouette
3 credits