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Entrepreneurs can do it all.

To start a business, you need marketing skills to sell your product. You need an understanding of finance to generate capital. You need to grasp accounting to manage your cash flow.

Fordham’s comprehensive business curriculum ensures that entrepreneurs graduate with a firm foundation in all of that — but it also goes further. It teaches you to think differently. To create. To seize opportunities.

Students can pursue entrepreneurship at the Rose Hill campus as a:

  • Primary concentration
  • Secondary concentration

Students can pursue entrepreneurship at the Lincoln Center campus as a:

  • Secondary concentration

Entrepreneurship courses may include:

  • Executing the Entrepreneurial Vision
  • Venture Capital
  • Social Media for Startups
  • Entrepreneurship and Fair Trade
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Small Business Finance
  • Innovation and Resilience

Entrepreneurial students have access to:

  • The Fordham Foundry: a business incubator across the street from the Rose Hill campus
  • The Kenneth Cole Foundation-sponsored Compass Fellows program (only 17 campuses worldwide have a branch of this)
  • Inspiring events, including TrepCon, Fordham's popular, annual entrepreneurship conference presented by Fordham Entrepreneurship Society and the Gabelli School.

Recent Fordham alumni and student startups include:

BriskSale: A free online marketplace that aims to compete with eBay by replacing traditional per-transaction seller fees with the option to pay users a commission to act as agents to quickly locate buyers. 

Broncks Consulting: Assists Bronx businesses with financial modeling, social media management, search-engine optimization, targeted marketing campaigns, and other customized services.

Concourse Group: Helps credit unions to provide safe, reliable banking services in underprivileged neighborhoods where the major banks won’t open branches. (Founded by Andrew Kingsley, BS ’13)

PumpStash: Manufactures athletic spandex shorts designed for athletes with Type 1 diabetes: the shorts have specialized pockets designed to hold insulin pumps and other medical supplies. A portion of the profits go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. (Founded by Corinne Logan, BS ’17)

SamePage Media: Offers a concise look at current events for high school and college students. Sold to educational institutions as a subscription, SamePage presents significant global events through succinct timelines, infographics, sidebars, pictures, and links. (Founded by Joe Halpin, BS ’17, and Nick Makarov, BS ’17)

Spire&Co: An online and offline network designed to “unite the next generation of superstar women.” It includes a monthly digital magazine, a daily-newspaper-style blog, on-campus chapters at universities around the country, and its own internship program. (Founded by Emily Raleigh, BS ’16)

Spare Change, LLC: Feeds the homeless and hungry in the New York City area by acting as an aggregator of micro-donations. (Founded by Andra Tomsa, BS ’11)

Teenager Entrepreneur: A training program—including summer boot camps, online training courses, and videos—to educate young entrepreneurs how to discover their passions and profit from them. (Founded by Michael Guberti, BS ’18)

Vault Collective: Offers a range of digital marketing and creative services to help clients articulate a vision, develop a strategy, and implement plans to get results. (Founded by Sara Kyle, BS ’14)