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Global Business: Concentration

Global business at the Gabelli School of Business is everywhere, but the secondary concentration in global business allows Rose Hill students to make it their specialty.

This is a certification—engraved on your Gabelli School diploma—that you have completed an intensive course of study in global business. You can add it to any major.

How does it work?

Complete four requirements:

1. Learn a foreign language:

Take at least up through the Intermediate II level. 

2. Take three courses:

two global business courses, plus one cultural studies course. 

3. Leave the United States behind!

You must spend some time abroad: a full semester, if you want to go big, but you can substitute two study tours if you don’t. 

4. Join the International Business Association:

This is the student organization devoted to increasing knowledge and awareness of international commerce. You must demonstrate three years of participation: sophomore, junior, and senior.


For information about the secondary concentration in global business, contact your class deans.