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FAQs for the Real Estate Institute

Application Process and Requirements

Degree Programs and Course Information

International Applicants

Military Veterans

Tuition and Financial Aid

Application Process and Requirements

What are the admission requirements for applying to the Master of Science in Real Estate, the Master of Science in Real Estate Development and Master of Science in Construction Management degree programs?

  • Online application
  • A bachelor's degree or its equivalent from an accredited U.S. college or university. International applicants submitting undergraduate or graduate transcripts must also submit a third-party evaluation of the transcripts. The School of Professional and Continuing Studies uses World Education Services.
  • English-language proficiency test scores (if English is not your first language).
  • A GMAT/GRE is NOT required. 
  • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 (Work experience will be taken into consideration)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement that includes your professional goals and aspirations
  • Resume or CV
  • Work experience is preferred, but not required for admission. We do accept qualified candidates without work experience who possess, among other criteria, exceptionally strong academic backgrounds, demonstrated leadership ability, and a strong potential for success in real estate.
  • $70 nonrefundable application fee
  • Supplemental essay: Students who do not meet the minimum requirements outlined above may apply with an additional essay stating why they would be good candidates for the program.

What are the admission requirements for applying to an REI advanced certificate program?

  • Online application
  • Bachelor’s degree transcript from an accredited university
  • Personal statement
  • Resume

How do I apply for the Joint Master's / Advanced Certificate?
To apply for a Joint Master's / Advanced Certificate, you simply check off the Advanced Certificate option within the online application. Students may apply for the added certificate after starting the MSRE, MSRED or MSCM.

Is the GMAT/GRE required for admission to a graduate degree or certificate program?
No, a standardized test is not required for admission to a Fordham PCS graduate program.

What is the mailing address for official college transcripts and other supplemental material?
Office of Admissions
Fordham University
School of Professional and Continuing Studies
113 West 60th Street, Room 301
New York, NY 10023

May I submit unofficial transcripts for the application review process?
Yes, unofficial transcripts are sufficient for application review. If admitted into the program, you will be required to submit official copies prior to enrollment.

Do I need to submit transcripts from educational institutions even if I attended many years ago?
Yes. In order to conduct a complete and holistic review of an application, the Office of Admissions needs to evaluate transcripts from all institutions previously attended.

When is the deadline for applications?
Prospective students may apply any time of the year, since applications are processed on a rolling basis. Students are admitted for the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to be able to register for classes and apply for financial aid if needed.

Are interviews required for Master's degrees?
Interviews are not required, but applicants who do meet with either the admissions team or the Real Estate Institute program office have the opportunity to have the application process expedited and their application fee waived.

How many letters of recommendation are required for Master's degrees?
All applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation. Note, graduate certificate and nonmatriculated applicants do not submit recommendation letters.

Who can be my recommender?
Recommendation letters should be written by individuals who have supervised you in an academic or professional setting and who can comment on your intellectual ability and leadership potential. Recommendations should not be written by friends or family members. You can have two professional, two academic, or one of each. We encourage you to share some information with your recommendation providers about the program to which you are applying, so they can tailor their recommendation appropriately.

When will I receive an admission decision?
Applicants will receive a final admission decision within three weeks of submitting all necessary materials to the Admissions Committee.

Does Fordham PCS offer Express Admission Days?
Yes, Express Admission Days are offered each semester where prospective students can bring a resume and transcripts, get an application fee waiver, and receive a decision on the spot.

Where can I register for a Fordham PCS information session to learn more about the graduate degree programs and application requirements?
Prospective students are encouraged to attend one of our monthly online information sessions. View upcoming dates for information sessions and our registration page.

Can I schedule a one-on-one appointment with the PCS admissions office and the REI Program Office?
Yes, we encourage prospective students to schedule an appointment to discuss the application process and the program. For an appointment with PCS Admissions, email or call 212-636-6372. For an appointment with the REI Program Office, email or call 212-636-7626.

Degree Programs and Course Information

What graduate programs are offered at the Fordham Real Estate Institute?
The Fordham University Real Estate Institute offers the following graduate programs:

  • 36-credit Master of Science in Real Estate degree
  • 36-credit Master of Science in Real Estate Development degree
  • 30-credit Master of Science in Construction Management degree
  • 15-credit Advanced Certificate in Real Estate Finance (graduate)
  • 15-credit Advanced Certificate in Real Estate Development (graduate)
  • 12-credit Advanced Certificate in Real Estate Management (graduate)
  • 15-credit Advanced Certificate in Construction Management (graduate)

Does the REI offer an undergraduate real estate program?
Yes, Fordham PCS offers an undergraduate real estate major and minor in cooperation with the REI.

What certificate programs are offered at the Fordham Real Estate Institute?
The Fordham University Real Estate Institute offers four distinct graduate advanced certificate programs and an array of noncredit professional certificate programs.

Are the graduate programs full time or part-time?
The MSRE, MSRED, MSCM, and the four advanced certificate programs may be taken full-time (nine graduate credits) or part-time (less than nine graduate credits).

Can I begin my studies with an advanced certificate and then matriculate into the MSRE, MSRED or the MSCM?
Yes, students who begin with a graduate certificate program may, with approval, matriculate into the full MSRE or MSCM degree program.

Can I add an advanced certificate specialization as I work toward the completion of the MSRE, MSRED or MSCM?
Yes, MSRE, MSRED and MSCM students can save time and money, and build their resumes, by pursuing the master’s degree and an advanced certificate simultaneously. MSRE, MSRED and MSCM students must declare their intention to complete the additional advanced certificate before they are conferred the MSRE, MSRED or MSCM degree.

Can I attend graduate courses and not be seeking the MSRE, MSRED or MSCM degree?
Yes, the School of Professional and Continuing Studies (PCS) Real Estate Institute (REI) welcomes industry professionals, prospective students, and applicants for future terms to take graduate real estate and construction classes as nonmatriculated students.

Does the Fordham REI offer online programs?
Currently, the MSRE, MSRED, MSCM, and a majority of the advanced certificate courses are offered online. 

What is the time and frequency of on-campus classes?
Most on-campus graduate classes meet one evening per week from 6:10 to 8:50 p.m. Some classes are offered as a weekend, accelerated option.

Where do on-campus classes meet?
New York City classes are conveniently held at the Lincoln Center campus in Midtown Manhattan, 113 West 60th Street, New York, NY 10023. Westchester campus classes are held at 400 Westchester Avenue, West Harrison, NY 10604.

Is public transportation near the Lincoln Center campus? Is there parking at the campuses?
Yes, the Lincoln Center campus is one block west of NYC’s Central Park and the convenient public transit hub at Columbus Circle. Yes, parking is available at both campuses.

Does the Fordham Real Estate Institute accept graduate transfer credits?
Yes, up to six credits may be transferred from an accredited M.S. in real estate or M.S. in construction management program (subject to the REI director’s approval), reducing the number of credits needed to graduate.

International Applicants

Do you offer a waiver for standardized English language exams (TOEFL or IELTs)?
International students will be waived a standardized English language exam if they completed their undergraduate studies in an accredited university with English language instruction.

Whom do I contact regarding my I-20 processing?
The I-20 will be issued by the Office of International Programs (OIP) for admitted graduate students. View additional details for I-20 processing.

What English language exams are accepted?
If English is not the applicant's first language, we require the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) given by the Education Testing Service. The competitive score of 607 paper-based, 254 computer-based, and 80 internet-based is required for consideration of admission. We also accept the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) in lieu of a TOEFL. Competitive applicants must score a minimum of a six on the IELTS to be considered for admissions

Do I need an evaluation of my international transcripts?
All credentials in languages other than English must be accompanied by certified English translations. Transcripts from institutions not accredited in the United States or Canada must be evaluated course-by-course by World Education Services.

What standardized exams do international students have to take?
UPDATE: For Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 no GMAT or GRE is required for admission. In addition to the submission of a TOEFL or IELTS (If English is not the applicant's first language), the admissions committee requires a GMAT or GRE score to be submitted. There is no difference in the evaluation of the two standardized assessments, and the admissions committee believes both tests are valid in helping to predict academic success. For an applicant with a GPA of 3.0 and above, a competitive score for the GMAT/GRE should be in at least the 30th percentile. For an applicant with a GPA below 3.0, a competitive score for the GMAT/GRE should be in at least the 50th percentile.

When is the deadline for international applications?
Prospective students may apply any time of the year, since applications are processed on a rolling basis. International students are admitted for both the fall and spring semesters, and each includes priority deadlines.

The priority deadlines are as follows:

  • Fall semester: April 30
  • Spring semester: September 30

Military Veterans

I am currently in or a veteran of the United States military. Can I use veterans benefits at Fordham University?
Yes. More information about education benefits offered by the VA is available at the Veterans Affairs website.

Does Fordham University participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program?
We are a proud participant of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' Yellow Ribbon Program. The Yellow Ribbon Program supplements veterans who are eligible for 100% of the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

Whom do I contact if I have questions about my veteran education benefits at Fordham University?
All questions regarding veterans’ education benefits can be directed to Mara Saumell,, for the Lincoln Center campus or Seton Heslin-Scott,, for the Westchester campus.

Tuition and Financial Aid

What is the cost of attendance for graduate programs?
Tuition for the 2020-21 academic year is $1,395 per credit hour. Students pay as they go. Here is the link to Cost of Attendance. 

Are scholarships available for graduate students?
Dean’s scholarships are available for students newly admitted to our degree programs. We strongly encourage prospective students to apply if you are interested in being considered for a merit scholarship. In addition, current graduate students may also be considered for scholarships. View a listing of scholarships for current graduate students and the application process.

Are federal student loans available for graduate students?
Learn more about the financial aid and loan options available to you.

What is Fordham University’s institution code for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)?
The FAFSA code is 002722.