Maria Farland

Since 2009, Maria Farland has been teaching Fordham courses in Disability Studies, including “Extraordinary Bodies,” a senior values seminar; “Disability and Culture,” an interdisciplinary capstone course, and “Disability in Literature.” She has also been on several Ph.D dissertation committees with a strong disability studies component.

She has published several peer-reviewed essays relating to disability studies, including "Gertrude Stein's 'Brain Work,'" and "Sylvia Plath's Antipsychiatry." She is currently working on a book project on the antipsychiatry movement. The project will draw extensively on disability studies--especially the neurodiversity movement and how efforts to critique the dominant medical model of a restricted and narrow conception of neurological, cognitive, and developmental normality became integral to the development of antipsychiatry in North America.


“Gertrude Stein’s Brain Work,” American Literature 76 (March 2004): 117-148. Duke University Press serial also available on JSTOR.

“Sylvia Plath’s Anti-Psychiatry,” The Minnesota Review, Issue on 1950s Culture (2002): 245-255.