Ralph Vacca

Ralph Vacca

Assistant Professor


Ralph Vacca’s research draws together theories and techniques from cultural studies, information science, and learning science to study how media and technology reinforce, change, and create new cultural practices and norms, specifically in the area of health and education. I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Communication and Media Studies Department at Fordham University. 


Vacca, R. (2019) Exploring the Intersection of Emotional Literacy and Computational Modeling Using Scratch. Proceedings of the ACM SIGCHI Designing Interactive Systems International Conference. San Diego, California.

Vacca, R. (2019) Examining Latina Teen Perspectives Through Co-Designing Technology to Support Communication with Parents. Proceedings of the ACM SIGCHI Interaction Design & Children Conference. Boise, Idaho.

Vacca, R. (2017) Promises and Pitfalls of Computer-Supported Mindfulness: Exploring a Situated Mobile Approach. Computers7(1), 2. doi:10.3390/computers7010002