Robert J. Brent



Robert J. Brent is Professor of Economics at Fordham University in New York specializing in Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA).  He has lived and worked at Universities in the US, UK and Africa. In 2011, he was a participant of the Copenhagen Consensus Project on HIV/AIDS and was commissioned to write the Guidelines for CBAs of social projects at the Inter-American Development Bank.  He has written six textbooks on CBA and published articles on every area of CBA, covering applications in both developed and developing countries. Recently, he has concentrated on evaluating dementia interventions. His latest published evaluations on HIV/AIDS interventions relate to female education, ARVs, and HIV stigma.


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“The Value of a Year’s General Education for Reducing the Symptoms of Dementia.” Applied Economics (2018),  Vol. 50, No. 25, 2812–282.

“Using the Travel Cost method to Value Visits and Stigma in Connection with ARV Adherence in Uganda.” Applied Economics (2017), Vol 49, No. 5, 477-497.