Interdisciplinary MS Degrees

In partnership with other Fordham graduate schools, the Gabelli School of Business offers MS programs that can prepare you for a management career in one of two specific fields: nonprofits or healthcare.

The one-year MS in Health Administration leads to a degree from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

The sections below will provide you with the links you need to learn more about these interdisciplinary MS options.

Health Administration

Develop the background you need to become an innovator in healthcare administration: in hospitals, private practice, public health, healthcare unions, insurance companies, and many other settings.

Admissions: Admission to the MS in Health Administration is overseen by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, not the business school. Visit the GSAS admissions page for more information.

Program details: This page provides an overview of the health administration program, which is overseen by a Gabelli School professor of management. Please note that health administration students earn their MS directly from the arts and sciences school.

Leadership intelligence

No matter the industry or role you choose, mastering leadership skills will help you achieve your professional goals. The Leadership Intelligence Certification ™ prepares you to be an effective leader by helping you identify your leadership style, practice solving real problems, target your strengths, and build personal connections.