Student Handbook: Animals

To ensure the safety and well-being of everyone on University property, no animals, including dogs and cats, are allowed inside any University buildings, other than those animals required by law.  

Students, faculty, staff, and guests are permitted to have dogs in outdoor public spaces provided that they meet certain requirements; the dog must be licensed and vaccinated against rabies, the owners must carry proof of their current dog license and rabies vaccination while on University property (in accordance with New York State law and the New York City Health Code). Dog license applications can be obtained by visiting the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's Dog Licenses website, calling 311, or contacting a veterinarian, animal shelter, or pet shop. 

Dogs must at all times remain on a leash that is no longer than six feet and all waste from the dog must be picked up and discarded. Dogs are not allowed in the fountain adjacent to Dealy Hall, stadiums, athletic fields (Jack Coffey Field, Murphy Field, Bahoshy Field, Houlihan Park, tennis courts at Rose Hill campus), the Rock Garden, and the entrance areas for Lowenstein and McMahon Halls at the Lincoln Center campus. Furthermore, dogs are not permitted to be left unattended or tethered to benches, fences, or light poles on University property for any length of time. 

The owner/person bringing the dog to campus is responsible for the dog's actions and is expected to be courteous of others in the community, aware that not everyone is comfortable around dogs, and mindful of this regulation. Owners are not permitted to allow their dogs to approach or jump on other people or other dogs without permission. Dogs known to be in any way aggressive or unsocialized are not permitted on University property. 

Any breach of this University regulation could result in a request to immediately exit campus with the dog and referral for students to the student conduct process.


For more information on requirements related to proposed programs involving any kind of animal, please contact the Offices for Student Involvement at either Rose Hill or Lincoln Center.