Student Handbook: Mental Health/Medical Re-Entry Process

Students who seek to resume study after an emergency, crisis, hospitalization, unexplained absence, medical leave of absence (MLOA), withdrawal (WD), or other incident due to mental health and/or medical reasons go through the re-entry process (also outlined in the University Regulations) before resuming classes or returning to University housing. Once the college or school confirms that a student is eligible to resume study, the student is sent instructions on how to proceed.

The Mental Health and Medical-Related Re-Entry Process is designed to:

  1. ensure that students are ready in all areas to return to classes and/or housing after emergency, crisis, hospitalization, unexplained absence, leave-of-absence (LOA) or withdrawal (WD).
  2. ensure coordination among separate areas and offices associated with the re-entry process.
  3. give students and families a clear set of expectations and requirements for re-entry.
  4. ensure that Fordham University is adequately prepared to support students as they return to academics and housing.

Please find specific instructions related to the Mental Health and Medical-Related Re-Entry Process at

  1. A member of the Student Life staff (typically from Residential Life or the Dean of Students office) will serve as the main point of contact for students and/or parents in the re-entry process. The Student Life staff member will request relevant information from an outside provider via a document called the Community Provider Form (CPR).
  2. Staff will work with students and parents on the following steps in the process:
    • the student is asked to provide a release permitting providers outside the University with whom the student has been working to share information with the University.
    • the student arranges for a completed Community Provider Form to be submitted to the University from at least one or more qualified outside providers certifying that the student is ready to return to the University for classes and/or housing and containing plan of care recommendations. Staff may request that the student provide additional relevant information as needed, including relevant information from hospitals.
  3. Staff reviews the submitted documentation to determine whether they provide enough information to start the re-entry process and consult with Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) and/or University Health Services (UHS).
  4. Once documentation and/or received information is deemed sufficient to proceed to the next stages of the re-entry process, staff may contact the student to schedule an on-campus evaluation by CPS/UHS.
  5. Based upon evaluation, CPS/UHS will provide:
    • a recommendation for re-entry to classes and/or housing;
    • where indicated, a recommended plan of care, which may include a Statement of Expectations (SOE); and.
    • any other relevant notes that can be shared with the staff working with students/parents, including basic explanations as to various recommendations. These explanations are then used for monitoring of the plan of care and follow-up.The staff then notifies the relevant class/assistant dean, advisor, or graduate school administrator as to whether the student has been cleared through the re-entry process to return to classes and/or housing. In cases where timing is pressing, preliminary clearance can allow the student to complete required admissions or registration processes on hold during the process.
  6. If necessary, the SOE is created by the staff and may include
    • check-in meetings with the student to be conducted by assigned Student Life staff and frequency/dates for meetings.
    • a plan of care developed in consultation with the evaluator(s) that Fordham University expects the student to follow.
    • expectations for reporting any needs for assistance or problems that the student encounters.
    • signature of the student agreeing to adhere to the expectations in the Statement of Expectations.
  7. The staff meets with the student to communicate the decision as to return to classes and/or housing and explains and discusses the Statement of Expectations, if applicable.
  8. Staff lift any holds on the student’s account that would prevent registration.

Students and families seeking more information about the re-entry process are encouraged to contact the Office of Residential Life, located at Alumni Court South Garden Level (718-817-3080) at the Rose Hill Campus, or the Dean of Students located in room G33 of the 140 West 62nd Street Building (212-636-6250) at the Lincoln Center Campus.