Student Book: Career Center Recruitment Policy

In providing on-campus employee recruitment opportunities, the Career Center of Fordham University recognize the desirability of introducing Fordham University students to a broad range of career possibilities in the private sector, in public service, in government agencies, and in not-for-profit organizations. 

The University reserves the right to withhold approval to recruit on campus from any corporations, businesses, or organizations whose stated aim and objectives are judged by the University to contradict the educational philosophy of the University. For more information, review the employer policy.

Please be advised that the Career Center does not research the integrity of organizations, businesses, or persons that list career opportunities with us and internships that are not approved by the Career Center.  We urge you to use good judgment and discern the quality and professionalism of each listing. Please contact a team member at the Career Center (Rose Hill Campus, McShane Campus Center, Room 223, 718-817-4350 and the Lincoln Center Campus, 140 W62 Building, G49, 212-636-6280) if you have any questions related to interviewing protocol or standards of employers professionalism.