Student Handbook: Off-Campus Conduct Policy

Fordham students are expected to adhere to the University Code of Conduct established by Fordham University on as well as off campus, and when they are participating in in-person, virtual and/or hybrid coursework. This applies to students in Fordham off-campus housing as well as students residing in non-University housing off Fordham property. The University reserves the right to investigate and subsequently apply University discipline in certain off-campus situations. 

Off-Campus Alcohol Conduct Policy
In the course of the year, off-campus situations involving the illegal use of alcohol and/or unlawful conduct that affect the University community and its neighboring communities may occur.  These additional policies and procedures may apply.

In keeping with the University's mission, alcohol and other drug-related regulations are adopted by Fordham University to reduce the risk and harm to the personal health and safety of students, to educate the community about alcohol and other drug use, and to prevent substance abuse. This Off-Campus  Conduct Policy, is also a critical part of these efforts. 

Fordham University will not tolerate the misuse of alcohol, violation of New York State laws, or violation of University alcohol policies.  Each student must assume full personal responsibility for his or her compliance with the New York State law and with the University policy on alcohol. Fordham University accepts the responsibility to enforce its own code of conduct and will impose sanctions on students found responsible for violating any Code provision, on or off-campus.

In certain instances, Fordham University will cooperate with local law enforcement officials in instituting the following procedures for addressing students in the local neighborhood engaged in underage drinking, disorderly conduct, or public drunkenness.

Students should be aware that New York City Police Officers, in their discretion, will intervene when students are observed to be engaging in unlawful conduct and may confiscate their student identification cards. At the same time, the officer will make a report as to the behavior of the student and submit both the card(s) and the report(s) to the Fordham Department of Public Safety.  Students who have been apprehended in violation of the law should be able to retrieve their IDs at the Department of Public Safety no later than one day after the violation. 

The NYPD reports may be sent to the Office of the Dean of Student’s for the campus and the student may be held responsible through the student conduct process. A student conduct hearing will be scheduled as necessary and appropriate. Appropriate sanctions will be applied.  

Nothing contained in this policy will be deemed to preclude the imposition of additional University sanctions for other violations of the Code of Conduct which might arise simultaneously or in proximity to these offenses. Nothing in this policy should be construed to afford the student a right to protection against lawful, criminal prosecution by New York City Police or other appropriate civil authorities. The University reserves the right to remove and disenroll any student who has been convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction of any felony or misdemeanor crime.

The University also reserves the right to notify parents in some instances, and in accordance with the policies set forth in this handbook.  A student will be considered a dependent, enabling notification of parents, unless the student can establish proof to the contrary directly to the Dean of Students.