Student Handbook: Publicity and Posting

Managed through each campus Office for Student Involvement, digital, printed and displayed publicity, fliers, announcements, posters and similar materials are encouraged to get the word out and areas around the University are provided to accommodate these common announcements.Fordham University requires that these materials conform to the following basic standards in our shared community:

Posting Approval Process for the University

  1. Student clubs/organizations as well as University offices and departments/administrative units may post materials in designated areas only after these items have been stamped by the Office for Student Involvement for the campus. This stamp indicates that the material has been approved for posting until a date by which it may be removed to manage clutter and litter in public areas. Date of removal will be one day after the activity is to occur or the Monday following a weekend event or two weeks from the date posted. Images submitted for display on digital signage in public areas including dining services venues must also be approved by the campus Office for Student Involvement.

  2. To be stamped “Approved for Posting,” material must contain the following information:
    1. Name of the sponsoring organization;
    2. Admission cost (if any);
    3. Title of program or activity;
    4. Date, time, and location of activity;
    5. Posting termination date (if applicable, see 13 below).
    6. Institutional Review Board (IRB) Stamp: publicity and posting related to surveys and research conducted by departments with human subjects may need to be stamped by the IRB prior to submission at the Office for Student Involvement.
  3. Posting IS permitted at:
    1. Rev. Joseph M. McShane, S.J. Campus Center: materials for posting are approved and stamped by the Office for Student Involvement according to policies for the Campus Center;
    2. Lowenstein Building: posting is permitted on the elevator bank waiting areas on each floor except (6, 7 & 10). Posting cannot be on panels with buttons, emergency phones, and within three feet of the fire panel.
    3. Bulletin boards in office/department space maintained by administrative units in academic buildings at Rose Hill and Lincoln Center: material approved and stamped by the Office for Student Involvement and material relevant to the departments managing these spaces;
    4. Edwards Parade and Alpha House Lawn Fence Posts: material approved and stamped by the Office for Student Involvement;
    5. Lincoln Center Indoor Plaza: material approved and stamped by the Office for Student Involvement. Postings are limited to display panels and must be contained within the dimensions of the display board;
    6. Lincoln Center Street Level hallway connecting McMahon Hall and the Lowenstein Building: material approved and stamped by the Office for Student Involvement;
  4. To avoid damage and cleanup, posting IS NOT permitted on glass windows and doors around campus, on the metal bars of fencing around Edwards Parade, nor on elevator panels.
  5. NOTE: posting in residential areas is conducted by the Office of Residential Life staff. Please contact the campus Office of Residential Life for assistance in posting in residence halls and consult the campus Office of Residential Life handbook for more information on specific rules for these areas.

Standards for Posting

  1. Postings should avoid damaging the surfaces on which they are affixed or interfering with their operation. Therefore, posting on glass and other areas that could be marred or damaged by tacks, staples, and tape such as windows and painted surfaces is prohibited. Postings on hallway/public area doors, machinery, vending machines, receptacles, elevators, restrooms, painted or masonry walls, ceilings, street lamps, emergency phones, directional and street signage, or floors is not permitted.
  2. No advertising is permitted on the surfaces of the sidewalks or roads on campus, including using posters, flyers, outdoor signs, and chalk writing.
  3. Message Boards used by departments outside the Rose Hill Gym and the McShane Campus Center may not be used for posting except with the permission of those offices for approved materials.Placement of outdoor signs and posting boards should be coordinated with the Office for Student Involvement.
  4. Posting on University fences and gates facing inside or out (with the exception of the fence posts surrounding Edwards Parade and Alpha House Lawn) is not permitted.
  5. Chalk boards should remain free of fliers and postings.
  6. Leaflets or flyers may not be distributed inside or outside of the parking areas or be placed on automobiles.
  7. Student club and organization materials are not to be distributed in campus dining areas, in the McShane Campus Center, in outdoor public areas of the University, or Lowenstein Building without the specific approval of the Office for Student Involvement and in coordination with Dining Services. This office also approves general distribution of material in the McShane Campus Center and campus dining areas.
  8. Posting space is meant to be shared with others in the community. Bulletin boards may not be monopolized by posted materials for one group or event.
  9. Those posting materials may not cover over the approved material of another department or student club or organization and may not tear down materials posted by others.
  10. The Office for Student Involvement is charged with assuring that this policy supports the University’s Alcohol Policy and the large majority of events for the under-21 undergraduate population will not involve the serving of alcohol. If it is necessary to note the availability of alcohol in materials publicizing an event, organizers must contact the Office for Student Involvement well in advance to coordinate as the event being publicized must adhere to the University’s Alcohol Policy .
  11. The Office for Student Involvement is charged with assuring that materials posted around the campus do not contain content that violates the University Code of Conduct, University Regulations, and/or other relevant policies, including but not limited to those related to bias, harassment, discrimination, and lewd, licentious and disorderly conduct. As part of the approval process, staff will discuss these questions with organizers prior to approval for posting. To avoid delays, organizers are advised to contact the Office for Student Involvement well in advance of intended posting dates if material could be misconstrued in this way or contains content that may violate the above standards.
  12. Off-campus promotion and advertising by student clubs and organizations is prohibited without specific approval from the Office for Student Involvement.
  13. In the event that the posted material does not specifically reference an event with a finite date, a club or organization must indicate a posting termination date which will be used as the end of posting date on the Approved for Posting stamp.The finite date is generally two weeks from the time the posting is approved.
  14. If a club or organization’s posted publication has exceeded its termination date or the date of the advertised event has passed, it may be taken down by Campus Operations and staff in the Office for Student Involvement. Any member of the Fordham community may de-post fliers after the end of posting date.

Posting Procedures Offenses
Failure to comply with posting procedures will result in the following sanctions:
First Offense: Written letter of warning.
Second Offense: Posting privileges denied for the month.
Third Offense: Posting privileges denied for a semester.