Student Handbook: Automobiles

Rules regarding the use of automobiles differ at the Rose Hill Campus and Lincoln Center Campus:

Rose Hill

To drive or park on the Rose Hill Campus, automobiles must be registered for the coming year. Vehicles must be registered with the Department of Public Safety prior to the start of the academic year. To register a vehicle on campus, you must apply online. The Parking Permit Application, fees, and the Motor Vehicle Regulation Booklet can be found under the employee or student tab, accordingly. The fee to register a student, faculty, or employee car is adjusted from year to year to reflect the cost of operation of parking facilities. Once you have applied, your university I.D. card will be used to electronically access the parking garage. If you apply for the 24-hour parking option, you must pick up a 24-hour hang-tag from the Department of Public Safety, located at the Thebaud Annex.

All returning faculty, students, and staff must also apply online to reactivate your current parking privileges. However, this does not require a visit to the Department of Public Safety, unless you have selected the 24-hour parking option. If you are an administrator, faculty, or employee the parking fee will be deducted from your paycheck. As a student, you will be billed through your bursar account for the parking fee. The 24-hour hang-tag must be displayed from your vehicle's rearview mirror or you will be subject to a Parking Violation Notice. All vehicles will park in the university garage. Violators of parking regulations may be subject to having their vehicles towed off campus at their expense.

Students use the University parking facilities at their own risk. Fordham University is not liable for personal injury, damage to vehicles, vandalism or theft of a motor vehicle or it contents. Further information can be obtained in the Department of Public Safety located in Thebaud Annex, or call 718-817-2222.

Illegally Parked Vehicles will be Towed at the Owner's Expense


  • No vehicle may enter through Third Avenue entrance.
  • Parking is restricted to our indoor parking garage.
  • Overnight parking is permitted between the hours of 12 a.m. and 7 a.m. and the fee is an additional $20.00 or the total fee for 24 hours is $40.00.
  • The campus is restricted to holders of reserved spaces vehicles required to service the campus.
  • Passing of vehicles traveling in the same direction on campus is not permitted.
  • The maximum speed limit on campus is 15 m.p.h.
  • Cars must be parked between stall lines.
  • No parking is permitted on campus roadways, sidewalks, or paths.
  • No motorcycles, mopeds, mini bikes, bicycles, electric scooters, or skateboarding are permitted on campus roads or paths.
  • No pick-ups or drop-offs on campus are permitted except under special circumstances and cleared through Public Safety.
  • Bicycles and mini bikes must park in authorized locations at Bathgate, Belmont, and Third Avenue gates and inside the lowest garage level.

Penalties for Infractions of Rules:

  1. Any vehicle blocking the dumpster area will be booted without any warning. It is essential to be able to remove campus refuse.
  2. Any vehicle blocking fire or access lanes will be booted without any warning.
  3. Any vehicle not displaying proper Fordham pass or current daily visitor receipt will be presumed to not have the authorization to park and will be towed or booted without any warning
  4. Any vehicle parked in the fire, restricted area, restricted space, on-campus paths or roadways, obstructing building entrances/exits will be booted without any warning
  5. Any vehicle left overnight should expect to be booted without any warning unless they have an authorized/overnight decal
  6. Immobilized (booted) vehicles for the aforementioned violations will be released upon payment of a $30.00 fee.

Towing is performed by a private company and the vehicle owner must pay the towing company for the cost of the vehicle removal PLUS storage charges for autos left past tow date.

Note: Speeding or reckless driving will result in action against the operator/owner of the vehicle and may result in the exclusion of vehicle from campus. 

Lincoln Center

New Garage: 7. Lincoln Center Garage
Directly across from Fordham Law School on W 62nd Street.

  1. Allied Garage - 425 W. 59th Street between Columbus and 10th Avenues.
  2. Alfred Car Park - 161 West 61st Street between Columbus and Amsterdam
  3. Central Parking System - 345 West 58th Street between Broadway and Columbus
  4. Regent Parking - 425 West 61st Street between Broadway and Columbus
  5. World Parking Garage - One Central Park West at Broadway - entrance at 4 W. 61st Street 
  6. Icon Parking - 20 W. 64th Street Broadway and W. 64th Street

Upon exiting the Lincoln Center campus, stop at the main Public Safety Desk in the Lowenstein building, so that the Public Safety Guard can validate your parking receipt and discounted parking rates may be applied.